Dancing, it’s been long, long time

August 2, 2016

since i’ve had a chance to visit here. I’ve been involved learning IDesign and how to publish a fine Art magazine called Peau magazine, landscape of skin. So far we’ve managed to get out two issues with some great photographers and artist.

The first issue link here and the second issue here  I surprised myself by the quality of artist and photographers I was able to find. Some like Jack Cutler and Michael McGowan I’ve know for years but the new people are amazing in their own right. Rickard Unge in Stockholm Sweden works with male dancers while Jeffery Fletcher works with film and pond water.

The next issue I have a pinhole photographer. Some really amazing stuff.

I met a young Japanese female dancer whom I liked because of her model mayhem portfolio named Humeuchi. She invited us to a performance she was doing in Madison  park which was interesting and we talked afterward.

We arranged a quick shoot in my studio just to meet and learn about each other. She surprised me by having real Japanese Kimonos. I like to work with cloth and dancers, they just seem to go together. We looked over all the different clothes and she picked an old torn rag we had designed for another dance. WTF?


I told her the story play was a play on Adam & Eve and Mother Earth which I believe more than some other creation stories. Once there is a woman, or was she a tree, alone in the world and one day she imagined having something interesting to watch. So she created Adam and what a mess that has caused.


She had limbs of a tree and breast of a woman to nourish.


This was Humeuchi  choice of costumes too begin with although in her email she said she wanted to do nudes which surprised me but in these she had a bra and panties. But she had brought some wonderful Kimono’s I was dying to shoot.


Dancers have a natural line about their bodies and this stunning red fabric, you had to be there to really appreciate it’s intenesy, along with her poses make my day easy. Push click wham.

Working with Humeuchi made me slow down as her movements were very slow and precise. I know a guy with a camera who shoots thousands of pictures during a shoot hoping to get something. Yes he does but you fall asleep or eyes glaze over before you get to see them in edit.


The wonderful thing Humeuchi brought to this shoot was her culture, clothing and finally trust. All I had was some old strobe lighting, space with backdrop and an old camera. Of course I am pretty old myself.




This Kimono was absolutely lovely. I remember Mary and I wandering around Tokyo looking in shop windows and department stores looking for gifts to bring back home with us. These were out of our price range but how special they must make you feel.


Below is my favorite of the shoot but Humeuchi picked a whole different outfit and pose.


This white dress below is actually a night grown and she wanted to play with a mask, people can be so different under masks. I had showed her one of the ones I had brought back from Venice Italy but this is one she picked.


As you can see she is getting more comfortable in the shoot and I am changing the lighting every few shots.


And she is changing masks. I am not fond of what this light is doing to her body casting ugly shadows But when she disrobed and we started doing nudes I was so unhappy I won’t show them. Was it because I was tired? Don’t know but I felt like such a jerk. So I’ll end this post with one last one.


Good night all and sweet dreams.


Peau magazine spring issue

May 3, 2016

Well Peau magazine is more than a one shot magazine as we’ve put together another issue, our spring 2016 issue on time. Our goal is to publish a quarterly magazine or at least see if there is interest from different collaborators to submit creative photographic work.

The spring issue has work from America and Europe.

Peau magazine is an international collaboration of artists, photographers and models coming together to show their work to our increasing shrinking planet. Peau magazine is dedicated to the beauty and landscape of the human form.

This issue we include the seasoned professional photographers and artists as well as people just starting out.

This issue includes the highly colorful work of experienced photographer Michael Mc Gowan who adorns the front cover and Stan Freedman, Robert Morris who are just beginning their journey.

Rickard Unge joins us from Sweden with his black & white figure studies of male dancers including gracing our rear cover. We discovered  the photomontage work of Jeffery Fletcher with his haunting series of females in nature describing his complicated developing process.

Carney Malone with his black & white studies of female nudes wearing only Gas Masks over their faces has a couple of different books in print, see the Blurb link here. Lastly we have another photographer Bruce Taylor, Pd.D who joins us from model society.

Print and free digital copies are available for sale  here 

We are working on the summer issue now and accepting submissions, contact me at jeneyouttphoto@gmail.com for a submission form or to answer any questions you my have.

peau copies 0344 copy

Our first issue ( on the right) had Jack Cutler’s image on the front cover along with his Clandestine Exhibitions from his personal fine art photographic images. Next came my wife Mary Durante Youtt nude studies, Peter Le Grand, Jeffrey Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, and a few of my images.

We hope you will enjoy our endeavor and support or collaboration by buying copies and commenting on our Facebook page.

Thank you


Just a quick note of a friends condition

March 17, 2016

She’s a makeup artist and sweet as pie, Hopefully next month will be able an shoot her and her husband before she pops.

arasy 4156

I think she’s so beautiful now but it’s getting so hard for her to even breath or get comfortable.

arasy _4167

if men got pregnant there would be abortion clinics on every corner was well as mandatory vasectomies. If you’re against abortion fine don’t have one, but stay out others affairs.

My St. Patricks wish.


I shoot them as they come to me, thank goodness they are all different

March 6, 2016

and that’s not a bad thing. But as I get older things, names and words  temporary vanish from my mind.

I almost missed this shoot due to not keeping my phone calendar up to date. my wife brought me the phone with all these text messages ‘I’am on my way’ and ‘ I’am almost there’………… holy smokes i called her right away saying i had forgotten about it. i was 30 to 45 minutes away and couldn’t get in using mass transportation but Mary and i have had ‘no shows’ and know how it feels. Mary drove me into city in 30 minutes. Where are you? waiting in a bar down the block she said, it was very cold out and reading her bio below i knew she was cut from a different cloth.

My Name

I GUESS YOU ARE KIND OF CURIOUS as to who I am, but I am one of those who do not have a regular name. My name depends on you. Just call me whatever is in your mind.
If you are thinking about something that happened a long time ago: Somebody asked you a question and you did not know the answer.
That is my name.
Perhaps it was raining very hard.
That is my name.
Or somebody wanted you to do something. You did it. Then they told you what you did was wrong—”Sorry for the mis¬take,”—and you had to do something else.
That is my name.
Perhaps it was a game that you played when you were a child or something that came idly into your mind when you were old and sitting in a chair near the window.
That is my name.
Or you walked someplace. There were flowers all around.
That is my name.
Perhaps you stared into a river. There was somebody near you who loved you. They were about to touch you. You could feel this before it happened. Then it happened.
That is my name.

Britteny kind of hippy like but hey I was one of the original hippies.Her Model Mayhem link is 5340850.

the studio was a shambles nothing set up but thank goodness most of the lighting hangs from a grid. but I had no idea what to shot with her nor who she really was. I haven’t figured how to connect my IPhone to Model Mayhem. What a klutz. She did save my butt by pulling this outfit from her bag.


So we begin, well actually she brought her outfit going to another shoot after mine, once dressed she began poseing here and there one after another .


She was a pro at this because to tell you the truth I was unprepared. Usually I have some prevision of what I want to shoot with each model. That doesn’t mean  that’s where the shoot winds up going but at least that’s where I think it will go. This was a pleasant surprise because on the ride to studio I didn’t have a clue who she was, Ok just wing it.


I gave her one of my jackets because she said she was cold, it must have been in the twenties outside, but I though the semi coolness of the studio kept her nipples erect which I think is preferable. Somehow the jacket kept slipping off her. Maybe she wasn’t so cold after all._MG_0490

But I must say she gave me a full days shoot in a couple hours. I like to try different things with each person, so after going to the closet once she picked out this outfit


Which got reported on Facebook as inappropriate  because you can see a little bit of her pubic hair whoa they got good eyes. I guess I should have used this image below , oh well


There is such a slight difference here my old eyes didn’t catch it. We bought this outfit years ago at a clothing store next to an art gallery we had a showing in.

face 0457fuzzy

Obliviously she wasn’t shy but she also wasn’t into doing spread shots nude.


so we got these two shots this one with more attitude but getting the background under control wasn’t easy.Lots of blur filter making her the object of attention.wtf 0458

We had agreed that she was willing to do some bondage/rope work which seems to be a phase I am in these days.

couch 0693 fuzzy

I don’t think what I do is S&M but it does add a little kick for me over regular nudes.



There is something about the texture of the rope against the skin I like. We didn’t have time to let the rope patterns set into the skin as I originally wanted. Do we ever get all we want?


So all things must come to an end as I untie her and she gets dressed for her next foray into the cold cold world. We are not doing a brain surgery tutorial just playing around with things, hopefully making things a bit more interesting. As I say I never know who will walk through my door nor what I’ll walk away with.

So it is as she headed to her next shoot and I straightened the studio, then on to editing. She didn’t respond when I sent her some images . I guess she didn’t need them.



I shoot them as they come to me

February 21, 2016

I don’t know what it is about people when i reach out to them but they always surprise me. ya you never really know what will walk in the door, they could be better than hoped for or have put on ten or twenty pounds. is it me needing to be more decerning ?  i am not desperate to create art. sometimes i even doubt the art part. sometimes the magic works and something it doesn’t ya just go on to the the next one, and you don’t know that about one either.

so i  begin with the first model whom i had high hopes for. i loved a couple pictures in her port done 9 months ago. different photographer with different eye shooting different pictures.

where to begin, everything has a beginning


i tried to use this large satin material and these pink leather cuffs but most of the pictures wound up on the editing floor.


i was looking for something very romantic but there isn’t anything remotely romantic here. my direction, could be ?  models perception who knows? the first mistake was how the satin was arranged a big mistake here. i tried just didn’t hit a winner here,  time to move on and learn not to do that again.


the model was willing to try this or that and since i don’t know what i am doing then how do i know if i succeed? i did learn something i never knew or asked about. what are those bumps around her areola see this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areolar_glands for an explanation.


just keep trying like Edison with the light bulb. i think she was getting the proper attitude i like her pride here


or at least trying her willingness great but good pictures are in the details


here she couldn’t get nipple lassos on straight. think i need a female stylist. touching naked strangers isn’t proper photographic etiquette….. i just hate struggles  ugh


so we changed ropes


which she liked because she posted these on her site.


but i still didn’t have what i wanted so quickly before time ran out i tried this ankle restraint.

shoes 0211

none,not quite there too much ps way over exposed but going in right direction

shoes 0223

so here with a simple black card leaned against the record cabinet i got this, yes some levels adjustments but testing my i statement ‘i only need one or two good images from a shoot’ here it is. the title is ‘going someplace?’






Back to dancers with Shibari

January 21, 2016

thrown in. I shoot as they come to me. people contact me about shooting together and i answer asking them to call me most never do. is talking to people too personal or having their phone number. one can always hide your telephone number my boss has his number come up as ‘unidentified caller’

but this dancer/model after a few emails actually called, maybe being a male he felt safer. i’ve had some women show up who i hoped were friendly because they could have kicked my ass.  but this is the age of FEAR it’s all around us every where we listen os see we are assaulted with guns, shootings, beheadings why did that become popular again? WTF

i love working with dancers and dance it appears so free yet to make something look effortless that’s a lot of effort. when i was a kid and the grown ups were gone i would dance to the radio thinking i was Fred Astaire. i didn’t have any dance training who needs training to express joy of movement? i think this western society is the only society who thinks one needs to learn how to dance.

today working with two different opposite art forms, free dance and restricted Shibari can be fun. discovery is always fun except maybe sticking a screwdriver into an open electric socket.



Masa being a young japanese dancer was fumular  with Shibari and wanted different types of pictures for his portfolio was a willing subject, very inhibited.


reaching out

with grace. i love the shape of his hand. i am very lucky to work with such talented people.



at my age i am not sure if my knees would be able to do this for long.


adding lights

i started with two lights turned one off but basically kept to two lights, as i say i am trying to learn a craft here.


i love shadows and sometimes things work out when working with sculptures.


when i first looked through the files i was very disappointed because when we began i turned off the autofocus and all i saw were fuzzy out of focus images. ECK.

true this blog is called fuzzy pictures but there are acceptable limits. but after awhile i changed techniques and moved into rope work.


here again i love his hands they are so expressive.


his warrior pose looking forward naked and open to the world.


so not to being one to leave things alone i added a prop, sparing no expense i moved a ladder on the set.


i think this looks better in black & white using the ladder for support.


but here are my favs from the shoot not that i don’t like these or i wouldn’t share them.


this reminds me of the cross in the roman colosseum


oh well that’s all i have for today.

waiting for people to return my requests to speak in person, so may people don’t like to call on their phones and talk,  i see so many people looking at their phones on the subway or walking on the street, models, hair people and makeup chairs just don’t make phone calls. people do or don’t.

i understand why television executives are afraid of a ringing phone because they usually mean trouble. one has to make a decision and that means being accountable. being semi retired i don’t have that problem but if i want to collaborate with people we need to talk, at least say hello.


Finishing Italy up before another

January 9, 2016

number rolls around the calendar. that was a good idea too bad i didn’t make it but today I am sick with a cold that’s gone on for weeks. i am on meds so feel pretty good now except for a slight headache. leaving Lucca our next stop was Pistoia another of the walled cities that fought with each other. a part of the roman aqueduct system scattered through out Italy

auqudect  terminal 9903 copy

here we find another merry-go-round

pistola boy merry 0117

and another happy kid. after all this time to tell the truth i don’t remember much about the city except this is where the pistol was invented.

pistola 0086

this is part of the old city fort within the expanded modern city around it.

pistola 0091 copy

i was drawn to this pond  of dying plants thought it looked nice.

pistola park 0073 copy

pistola 0030

of course they have few churches and a special bazaar on saturdays in the town square.

pistola sq 0050 copy

like all bazaars it’s full of junk, Italian junk but the most interesting things were the people

pistola flea 0130 copy

sweet Nonna’s bargaining

pistola woman 0126 copy

haggard merchants

pistola man 0128 copy


and this kid

pistola boy0127 copy

and dapper businessmen on his cell phone
pistola man 0032

there are plenty of stores and one interesting museum devoted to a native son sculptor Marino Marini. we were blown away by his work and discovered another branch in florence. he worked a lot with horses and it’s one of the wonderful things about traveling. how cool is that. see Marino Marini Foundation for locations.

glass globe reflection 8187

driving around Italy in the autumn is sweet.

tuskney autum trees 9986

always something to discover an old building here or there.

tusk farm house0003 copy

due to the craziness of the world and religions we were planning to take our middle granddaughter and her sister to europe this summer. we planned Paris but that’s out for security reasons and Greece due to refugees so that leaves Italy unless something happens there.

yel curstamun 0012 copy

Italy isn’t a bad place to be especially if you’re hungry.


Peau Magazine

December 2, 2015

Peau Magazine, a fine art magazine devoted to the landscape of skin,. Where we hope to share with the world our unique vision of skin ‘that which allows us to touch the world.’

Well we have managed to meet our publication goal of November 2015, just in time for Thanksgiving holiday.

peau new A

we hope you will enjoy our effort and share it amongst your friends. See a link here : http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1003196?__r=582193

I’ve drawn from various photographers whom I’ve met in my photo journey . Jack Cutler, Mary Durante Youtt, Jeffery Dutton, Alexey Kashpersky, Peter Le Grand and myself Jene Youtt.

We are always looking for additional contributions from photographers, models, hair & makeup artist, retouchers, as long as the subject matter is skin.

contact me at jeneyouttphoto.gmail.com

Italy part 2

November 20, 2015

well it’s so hard to remember past travels but i think when we left Ischia waiting for ferry to mainland here was an italian fisherman with helpers

iscia fishing 9130

we connected with our train back to Roma. We got hustled at the train station to upgrade our train to a super train. waiting in the ticket line we almost boarding it.

_MG cross_9521 copy

i guess this is the most famous building The Colosseum with this latter day addition of the cross.

n coloseum 9183

we walked and walked around this city discovering everything. tourist maps helped there was so much too do.

columns 9582 copy

thinking about who might have walked theses same routes.

colosuem 9590 copy

sunday park 9470

we must have seen everything and on one sunday we when to the park along with thousands romans.

family park 9449 copy

a family rental buggy of course there are plenty of cafes serving expresso not so odd in a country run on wine and expresso coffee. but here is something left over from the roman times, an original public water fountain

water fountain 8289

mary buying art from street artist

mary w artist 8350

rome pine trees 9476 copy

sunset, time to go back to hotel figure out what’s for dinner.

remember this 9587

this restaurant overlooks the Colosseum where mary wanted to go on her first trip but never made it, so what’s the question?

_Mary cafe _9347 copy

what ever keeps her happy is fine with me. but time to move on to Florence via train.

florence 0164

florence 0167

florence 0161

a naked penis in public, no wonder their civilization didn’t last or did it

florence tower 0255 copy

but people live here jousted by tourists but that’s, life. getting to work is a snap

flor woman on bike lovers0390

if you own one of these.

mary arno riv 0404

Arno river

florence shop owners 0398

shop owners giving tourist the once over

arno river sunset 0569

another sunset over the Arno

florence merrygo 0149 copy

here’s a happy boy found on a carousel it’s the simple things in life.

but to complicate our lives we decided to rent a car to tour Tuscany. car rental a quick walk from train station. our adventure begins in Puccinni home town. Lucca.

luca wall 9658

oh did i mention it’s autumn in tuscany italy. Here is the original wall that surrounds the city.

our small hotel fit right inside the wall even provided parking inside this alley

luca street mime9790

we arrived so late and so hungry we explored using our trusty Lonely Planet guide. Passing a church we heard arias Puccinni’s of course eliminating from inside and had to sit down until hunger drove us onward.

luca door knocker 9781

lucca door knocker 9785

well used door knockers the food in tuscany was knockout small towns small restaurants served fabulous food there was a pizza shop located in an alley that served a steak platter to die for. wow

lucca church 9691








oh did i mention churches yes there are plenty churches in italy some quite outstanding  as this one is. i don’t know why but i’ve hit a snag in wordpress changing writing formats so i’ll post this section and finish up in a couple of days.



Travels to Italy: part 1

October 23, 2015

Mary is printing up a book for each of our travels. I don’t consider myself a travel photographer for good reason looking back through my files. enclosed are a few of my images which i hope would make sense and interest to someone else, distract you for a moment or two from your daily life.

we began in venice

venice canal blue boat

venice canal blue boat

falling in love with that Venice our first moments there, except trying to find our bed and breakfast on a small small street.

commuters crossing gc 8227

Commuters crossing the Grand Canal standing  in the boats while all around them canal commercial traffic continues. This city is special the light, water, people and food add up to special.

wash in win 8589

Laundry  drying in the window along with shoes airing. a city of sights and colors.

st marks piegon 8706

it’s been so long now since returning home i’ve forgotten what is where. what’s a trip to Venice without visiting Piazza San Marco and what do you find there pigeons. this one was sitting on a rain drain of Saint Marks Basilica ready to mark one of the thousands of tourist passing beneath.

venice church candles 8208 copy

Italy is full of churches and glass. Being in Venice one has to visit the Murano glass factory on Murano island, yes we took the tour

murano workshop 8636

that exited through the gift shop, but they had a nice garden where i found this sculpture

murano glass supt 8664

I don’t tell a logical story just what catches my eye. there are lots of images i don’t share.

venice 1st resturant 8255

this is our first restaurant in Venice upon arriving that evening. we were afraid we might fall asleep at our table to either fall into our plates or the canal. we sat at the second table to the left. we make it back to our room to pass out.

venice man waiting ferry 8621

europeans dress differently when they go out just for coffee or shopping than americans. no walmarts around.

venice man 8786

but they do have character. but time to move on but where did we go next? i think we took the overnight train down to Naples. Mary’s first real overnight train ride
mary train comp 8798

that big black bag on the seat was my stupid heavy suitcase, see any wheels on it thats because there aren’t any. Mary had wheels on hers she’s smarter than me.

mary train 8792

that’s the porter in the background making expresso who delivered them to our compartment first thing in the morning. that’s how europeans travel. now we needed to fine the boat dock to Ischia our resort in the Tyrrhenian Sea. that was a memorable experience, found a trolly, found our stop, found our hydroplane boat, found our bus, and no one spoke english, they pointed we made it, the travel angels watched over us. don’t believe in angels this is Italy.

this is the fishing village & resort of Ischia

this is the fishing village & resort of Sant’Angelo di Ischia

we couldn’t afford Capri but this was just as good for my money as we traveled all over the island via bus.

walking man 8869

this is the road and sea we overlooked from our room and our bus stop which we almost missed, but there go those angles again, as we turned to look out the bus window to see sign of our hotel across the road.


More to be continued ……………………………



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