Italy part 2

November 20, 2015

well it’s so hard to remember past travels but i think when we left Ischia waiting for ferry to mainland here was an italian fisherman with helpers

iscia fishing 9130

we connected with our train back to Roma. We got hustled at the train station to upgrade our train to a super train. waiting in the ticket line we almost boarding it.

_MG cross_9521 copy

i guess this is the most famous building The Colosseum with this latter day addition of the cross.

n coloseum 9183

we walked and walked around this city discovering everything. tourist maps helped there was so much too do.

columns 9582 copy

thinking about who might have walked theses same routes.

colosuem 9590 copy

sunday park 9470

we must have seen everything and on one sunday we when to the park along with thousands romans.

family park 9449 copy

a family rental buggy of course there are plenty of cafes serving expresso not so odd in a country run on wine and expresso coffee. but here is something left over from the roman times, an original public water fountain

water fountain 8289

mary buying art from street artist

mary w artist 8350

rome pine trees 9476 copy

sunset, time to go back to hotel figure out what’s for dinner.

remember this 9587

this restaurant overlooks the Colosseum where mary wanted to go on her first trip but never made it, so what’s the question?

_Mary cafe _9347 copy

what ever keeps her happy is fine with me. but time to move on to Florence via train.

florence 0164

florence 0167

florence 0161

a naked penis in public, no wonder their civilization didn’t last or did it

florence tower 0255 copy

but people live here jousted by tourists but that’s, life. getting to work is a snap

flor woman on bike lovers0390

if you own one of these.

mary arno riv 0404

Arno river

florence shop owners 0398

shop owners giving tourist the once over

arno river sunset 0569

another sunset over the Arno

florence merrygo 0149 copy

here’s a happy boy found on a carousel it’s the simple things in life.

but to complicate our lives we decided to rent a car to tour Tuscany. car rental a quick walk from train station. our adventure begins in Puccinni home town. Lucca.

luca wall 9658

oh did i mention it’s autumn in tuscany italy. Here is the original wall that surrounds the city.

our small hotel fit right inside the wall even provided parking inside this alley

luca street mime9790

we arrived so late and so hungry we explored using our trusty Lonely Planet guide. Passing a church we heard arias Puccinni’s of course eliminating from inside and had to sit down until hunger drove us onward.

luca door knocker 9781

lucca door knocker 9785

well used door knockers the food in tuscany was knockout small towns small restaurants served fabulous food there was a pizza shop located in an alley that served a steak platter to die for. wow

lucca church 9691








oh did i mention churches yes there are plenty churches in italy some quite outstanding  as this one is. i don’t know why but i’ve hit a snag in wordpress changing writing formats so i’ll post this section and finish up in a couple of days.



Travels to Italy: part 1

October 23, 2015

Mary is printing up a book for each of our travels. I don’t consider myself a travel photographer for good reason looking back through my files. enclosed are a few of my images which i hope would make sense and interest to someone else, distract you for a moment or two from your daily life.

we began in venice

venice canal blue boat

venice canal blue boat

falling in love with that Venice our first moments there, except trying to find our bed and breakfast on a small small street.

commuters crossing gc 8227

Commuters crossing the Grand Canal standing  in the boats while all around them canal commercial traffic continues. This city is special the light, water, people and food add up to special.

wash in win 8589

Laundry  drying in the window along with shoes airing. a city of sights and colors.

st marks piegon 8706

it’s been so long now since returning home i’ve forgotten what is where. what’s a trip to Venice without visiting Piazza San Marco and what do you find there pigeons. this one was sitting on a rain drain of Saint Marks Basilica ready to mark one of the thousands of tourist passing beneath.

venice church candles 8208 copy

Italy is full of churches and glass. Being in Venice one has to visit the Murano glass factory on Murano island, yes we took the tour

murano workshop 8636

that exited through the gift shop, but they had a nice garden where i found this sculpture

murano glass supt 8664

I don’t tell a logical story just what catches my eye. there are lots of images i don’t share.

venice 1st resturant 8255

this is our first restaurant in Venice upon arriving that evening. we were afraid we might fall asleep at our table to either fall into our plates or the canal. we sat at the second table to the left. we make it back to our room to pass out.

venice man waiting ferry 8621

europeans dress differently when they go out just for coffee or shopping than americans. no walmarts around.

venice man 8786

but they do have character. but time to move on but where did we go next? i think we took the overnight train down to Naples. Mary’s first real overnight train ride
mary train comp 8798

that big black bag on the seat was my stupid heavy suitcase, see any wheels on it thats because there aren’t any. Mary had wheels on hers she’s smarter than me.

mary train 8792

that’s the porter in the background making expresso who delivered them to our compartment first thing in the morning. that’s how europeans travel. now we needed to fine the boat dock to Ischia our resort in the Tyrrhenian Sea. that was a memorable experience, found a trolly, found our stop, found our hydroplane boat, found our bus, and no one spoke english, they pointed we made it, the travel angels watched over us. don’t believe in angels this is Italy.

this is the fishing village & resort of Ischia

this is the fishing village & resort of Sant’Angelo di Ischia

we couldn’t afford Capri but this was just as good for my money as we traveled all over the island via bus.

walking man 8869

this is the road and sea we overlooked from our room and our bus stop which we almost missed, but there go those angles again, as we turned to look out the bus window to see sign of our hotel across the road.


More to be continued ……………………………


more of my hand studies.

August 26, 2015

Source: more of my hand studies.

more of my hand studies.

August 25, 2015

well here i go again trying to publish this series. it’s been such a crazy month for me. first there was the car fire when my  engine, on the day cruiser

the cat, 1967 cougar

the cat, 1967 cougar

burst into flames while crossing the George Washington bridge. we go from this

289 engine

289 engine

to this,

ac detail 7765 dist cap 7767 engine 7766 fire ext 7756



it’s enough to make a grown man cry. here is a good friend mortally wounded and all i can do is wait. thank goodness i had a fire extinguisher which ran out and an angel stopped his car with a bigger fire extinguisher and put the fire our before the fire truck arrived.

i am still waiting for ins co to determine damages on the car placing it’s value somewhere between $8,000 to $12,000 dollar range. it’s worth more than that to me in memories. the body shops greedy bid  for the work has me worried but they say i won’t have to do anything except keep my eye on them and i will.

i had a friend from the early 60’s come into town and contacted me for a visit. yes some of us are still alive from those ruckus merry days, some aren’t and as i get older i learn more and more who’s passed on. that’s old age i guess.

i try and keep creating or doing projects around the house to keep busy fixing this or that. i asked my friend if he’d mind me taking some pics of his hands because the day before i had tried taking some self portraits of my hand picking up chess pieces.



boy was this hard holding the camera and keeping focus without a tripod. this is natural sun light through the window. gnarly hand.

sun glasses

sun glasses

you think this is easy?  ‘what do i do with my hands’ is one of the first things people ask and here i am concentrating on the hands double the trouble.



hat in hand

hat in hand

so that means it’s time go ‘see you again next year.’ take care.

time to go

time to go

here’s your coat, here’s your hat, what’s the rush see you next year.

yesterday i had another Model Mayhem flake out on me and not show up for a session. i should have known just by how she was texting me. but i hate to turn someone away thinking i can pull this off. sometimes you can’t. another wasted day.

oh well


July 22, 2015–The-Return-of-Orphan-Works-Part-2—ARTISTS–LETTERS.html?soid=1102063090742&aid=DEeIBiwWgJ4.

Frustrating day searching for

July 15, 2015

For years now I’ve been searching for an adapter for my Contax Nx lenses. I’ve two Zeiss lenses a 50m Planar 1.4 and a Vario Sonnar T 28-80 both of which I really love. Most people do.

I’ve bought Fotodiox adapters from Amazon that didn’t fit the lenses but went on my Canon Eos 5D mark ll camera fine. I contacted them and they said I needed a N adapter which they no longed made or had. I searched the internet again and came up with a hit at Adorama camera and one on Ebay for a few dollars difference.

I knew i had to go down to Adorama and give this a try. We tried three adapters beginning with the supposedly Kipon Canon Len mount adapter from Contax N to Canon Eos M Body (with aperture ring). None of them worked. WTF

The salesman was quite nice and knowledgable but the first one was too young to know what I was looking for, it’s an age thing.

so i’ve repacked my lenses and camera in bubble wrap and put them away. the question is do i want to shoot film again then go through the time and hassle of scanning it into computer?

the Zeiss lens are incredibly sharp all the way through and even giving up auto focus it might improve my pictures. on the other hand guess i would have to rename this blog to something more germane.

oh well



A new interest, yes it’s still nude photography

July 13, 2015

Looking at my last posting of the nude male i began to see something that was there or i wouldn’t have taken the pictures but it wasn’t bell ringing enough to get my attention. I don’t know about you but i get bored taking the same pictures all the time. if i had chosen to be a headshot guy i probably would have taken a Brodie off the Brooklyn bridge by now. I guess some find it an interesting art form and go on to perfect it.

One of the reasons I’ve not been a bigger successful photographer or other professional is I get bored beyond bejesus doing the same thing over and over. But i try and keep my eyes open and head down, you just never know what will hit you and somethings can hit pretty hard and leave scars.

I like to experiment a lot also, as a kid i would wonder what would happen if i do this? I didn’t burn the house down but came close twice.  See I didn’t learn the first time, most kids would learn their lesson but not me. I think i am getting smarter in my golden years but……………………………………..

As i write today I am listening to a two cd set of Edith Piaf ‘LA vie en rose’ just to keep me company. oh when i was a young man living in New York she was suppose to come sing in a theater here and my group of misfits was thrilled that we might be able to see her in person. but she died before getting here.

But this is about my life now and i’ve chosen to spend a lot of time photographing things. What I saw while editing the last session were HANDS.



Hands are important, my hands are a key to me because I express myself through them as i touch the world. I looked through some files on my HD looking for hands and found these.

woman's hands

woman’s hands

above are some pretty strong images, long painted fingernails and big veins while below are mens hands



different mens hands but holding on to something. what do women hold on to?

male nude in chair

male nude in chair

so i asked a female model i’ve worked with before if she was interested in experimenting , she said ‘yes.’

_MG_1190 copy

womans hands

now what do women hold, i guess it could be anything lipstick, hair brush, frying pan maybe not this time.



and so we continue working around the studio. which brings me to where i get lost sometimes, maybe we all do but i get so concentrated on the photo i lose track of what the set or a particular photo is saying.

blue satin

blue satin

in my enthusiasm, which reminds me of the first photo shoot i did with my dog as a kid. the family had an old kodak box camera Brownie No 2  it was called. ginger and i were playing in the back yard and i knew enough how to press the shutter button. pose snap we went. i was very excited to see the pictures when they were developed. what i hadn’t learned as yet was to advance the roll of film after exposure.

red on blue

red on blue

as you can see now, with my modern day camera, that is all taken care of now. giving me time to fool around posing model and experimenting with lighting. but the question is am i still on track  with my discovery of hands.

oh my

oh my

and just to show the ending image but not the image that got me lost i asked her to place her hand on her mound of venus to hide her crotch but made her look as if she was masturbating with her mouth open. i was more concerned with the lighting and wrinkles in the fabric to see the overall effect, even in the editing.

redhead nude on blue satin

redhead nude on blue satin

and so we leave this redheaded nude woman lying on the sea of blue satin behind in our ever ongoing quest of a more perfect picture i wonder what history will say or care? thank you for visiting.


New work, male nude, ode to old master painters.

June 28, 2015

Yes as it says i went back in the studio after meeting this fellow you never know what’s going to happen , at least i don’t. i am sure there are a million togs out there who know everything about their camera settings and what adjustments will effect what and how so. me it’s a crap shoot.

I do know lighting so that is a plus and just learning model direction but i am still shy about that, why? –  guess it was the way i was raised. Not to say i haven’t learned a few things pushing the shutter button as often as i have. i am not stupid, i just act that way sometimes.

Warning there is male nudity here which might be offensive to some while others might be looking for it.

I hope my readers aren’t offended by this but this is what i seem to do best, studio lighting, just learning other stuff.



While the model was willing to pose naked he wasn’t that interested in have his name or face posted on the internet which isn’t a problem for me.

male nude sitting

male nude sitting

so i began to feature his hands because most people don’t know what to do with them during a photography session so why not begin there. he’s not an experienced model just has a nice body. Looking through the images these reminded me of some of the landscape images i got in Antelope Valley slot canyons see my photo shelter web site

hands on knees

hands on knees

Because of the time of day and the heat temperature in studio i shot these using my White lightning strobes, this image is just one downlight.

male midsection

male nude torso

below is one of the images he thinks is beautiful. yes it does show his body which is what he was interested in doing.

male nude torso

male nude torso

now these are just quick picks of the raw files nothing much done to them, made some levels adjustments. i get tired of shooting the same things over and over so i move on. I showed a print of another fellow i shot years ago. he liked it so i dug around pulling out a piece of wrinkled fabric, here thry this on.

draped nude male

draped nude male

‘what do i do?’  he asked. just move around feel the fabric i answered.

male nude torso

male nude torso

you can see he has a nice body and deep set eyes which worked for me and my lighting style. i decided to try something different since this black fabric poked out when pulling the other fabric from the box.

black drapped male nude

black drapped male nude

what a line huh? I always tell people i don’t need a hundred images just one or two, well here is one. below is anoher untouched image i’ll work on.

_MG_0922 copy

nude in black

nude in black

again the movement wasn’t working as well as i wanted so we sat down on the floor.



abstract male nude

abstract male nude



portrait ll

portrait ll

i like the first one better

I will end this post with my all time favorite image not to say the other images aren’t good and all my little darlings this one was developed in camera as i knew what I was going for.

1st image

1st image is the keeper. My Caravaggio, see his work here or it could be a Rembrandt van Rijn here

_MG_1020 copy

Both of whom we have seen as paintings in person while traveling in Europe. the above image reminds me of one of Rembrandt’s self portraits.

These paintings Rembrandt’s and Caravaggio’s are so awe inspiring to me which i’ve always had a hard time thinking my work might be. but at this point in my life maybe i can hit one out every once in a while.


Utah Museum of Fine Arts…….. employment opportunities

June 18, 2015
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UMFA Employment Opportunities

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Samuel H. Kress Foundation Interpretive Fellow

Posted June 4, 2015 | Application Deadline June 30, 2015

The UMFA is seeking an enthusiastic, innovative, collaborative, and audience-minded aspiring museum professional to serve as Kress Interpretive Fellow. Under the supervision and mentorship of the Curator of Education, the Director of Education and Engagement, and the Curator of European, American, and Regional Art, the Interpretive Fellow will work with both the Education and Curatorial departments to create a variety of interpretive and educational materials centered on the UMFA’s European art collection.

Supported by a prestigious grant award from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the Fellow will help fulfill the Museum’s mission of inspiring critical dialogue and illuminating the role of art in our lives. The ideal candidate will be deeply committed to creating an outstanding visitor experience and to meeting the interests and needs of the UMFA’s diverse audiences both on campus and across the region.

Click here to download a pdf of the full job description, including application information.

Application Deadline June 30, 2015.


  • Full- and part-time job opportunities at the Museum of Fine Arts are posted on the University of Utah Human Resources
  • If you have additional questions about student employment, contact the Federal Work-Study Coordinator at

Positions are listed as openings occur; please check these sites regularly for new postings. The Utah Museum of Fine Arts is committed to providing a working environment where all employees are encouraged to reach their highest potential and where they are valued, recognized, and suitably rewarded.
The objectives and goals of the UMFA can only be accomplished through the cooperation of a dedicated and talented staff. However, as a part of the University of Utah, we cannot accept unsoli

Costumed redheaded young woman in leather and chain mail dress

June 10, 2015

it’s been a long time since i’ve had the opportunity to do some new photos. I was very pleased when a friend asked if i knew of a female model who would be interested in modeling some of his clothing that he had acquired in the course of life. When i would visit him i’d seen the chain mail dress hanging and had asked him about it. ‘something i picked up at the renaissance fair’ which he lives close to and visits every year. i contacted a young model [see here] i like working with asking her if she would be game. then called my friend setting a time and date. on the day of the shoot he came to studio loaded down with outfits. we were only able to use two of them and he acted as the stylist since he knew how to fit them.

chain mail dress

boiler room chain mail dress

there are way too many hooks for me to venture as my own stylist, sort of like being your own lawyer. one of the things i learned that day is how many different egos, for lack of a better word, effect the shoot. there was no real client and no one bothered me about how to shoot but there was something weird in the air.

woman wearing chain mail

woman wearing chain mail

as you can see here there weren’t too many keepers but as i always say i don’t need hundreds of them. i did fool around during the processing doing a B&W image below.


B&W experiment

i am not sure if i am fond of this one, too many shadows on her face and chest. i need to be more aware of details before i press the shutter. now it’s time for a costume change which turned into a long costume fitting.

Black leather corset

Black leather corset

that masha hung in there gamely, which is why i like working with her. she has always done what i’ve asked her to do trusting my judgment that i mean to do no harm. she does surprise me by bringing some tricks of her own.

redhead with ridding crop

redhead with ridding crop

one of the things i look for in people i work with is intensity. for art models it’s not always there as they seemed to be trained to be demure. who trains them other models, or is there an art model school down in Florida?


bitting the subjection crop

some thing different as we move through the day that’s what is so much fun, things happen. gotta have a sense of humor.



at the end of the day we were a bit tired from all our traveling here and there from one fantasy to another or is it just dreamtime? no one was hurt or damaged by our playtime. but wait there is one more image i almost forgot another toy. here you can see what she brought with her, a creative addition of attitude, something models need to understand and this is a fine example, it just doesn’t come out of the blue, it’s felt.

nipple clamps


see how her body seems to lunge forward challenging the viewer? the way she holds her head back and arms tucked behind her, some body language. just a lucky shot for me.

we go from demur and passive to challenging. some range of human emotions

I showed these images to my partner and retoucher on our new magazine, peau magazine, he asked where we shoot this spread. ‘here’ i said. he looked at me strangely because all he saw was an empty studio. yes all the backgrounds were merged and composed in Adobe photoshop 6  from stock images i wander around the city snapping away thinking they might be interesting someday. life can be fun that way. enjoy. jene


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