what we hide we revel series

Adam wakes

today as yesterday is being spent searching for a web host. while i’ve a hosting and domain name www.jeneyoutt.com already my hosting service doesn’t have anywhere the templates i need. so i’ve checked out http://www.zenfolio,com, http://www.smugmug.com which i like the look of but is it me? http://www.photofleet.com which isn’t and http://www.ifp3.com which is way too rich for my blood.

my old web site was on http://www.musecube.com but geoff and i had a conflict with my goggle ranking, page 8, and my credit card being compromised so he deleted 4 years of postings without a warning. i was at a loss for all those files not having backed everything up in a folder, my mistake. i had done that early one but got lazy as time went on

a lesson to learn here is to back up all web files no matter what. the photographers who used Digital Railroad learned that lesson, when they closed shop giving their customers a shot time to download their files. I do have a way with words and sometimes they get me into trouble. lesson learned should be ‘keep my mouth shut’ but what’s fun about life not being involved

i am trying to finish up a series of my ‘What we hide, we revel.’ but don’t have the money to spend nor the time to create. does everyone else have this problem as an emerging artist? well here’s another image from the series.


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