FWAB charity event monday 4/20/09

we've all been there

we've all been there

my girlfriend,mary wehrhahn and i participated in a fund raiser last night for Friends Without A Border – benefitting the Angkor Hospital for Children, their 7th annual Fundraiser, held at the NY Athletic Club.

this group was begun 10 years ago by noted photographer Kenro Izu’s to establish a children’s hospital in siem reap cambodia. kenro donates some of his prints to help raise money. He also has a much larger photography auction once a year to raise funds to support the operating expenses of the hospital, nurses, doctors, supplies and expansion.

we donated two prints which were enthusiastic received and bid on. my print when to a collector who owns some very impressive photographers,i was impressed with their names. mary’s went to just as impressive collector and got another sale of the same print to another curator. all together we raised $1000.00 for the hospital so far.

we met and talked with Kenro Izu after the auction to thank him for the opportunity to help the children of cambodia who’ve touched our heart on our last visit to their country.

it’s very nice to have ones work appreciated and bought for such a worthy cause. maybe our effort might save a child’s life. what a joy.


jene youtt


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