TOAST weekend artist tour

this weekend past 4/24- 4/26 was TOAST here in new york, tribeca open artist studio tour. i took some of my extra prints down to Soho Photo gallery where i am a member and sat around meeting and greeting some of the visitors who turned out on this lovely day.

maybe a hundred or more passed through the gallery. Some stopped and looked at my prints but mostly people moved on quickly. since i do mostly dance motion studies and they can be abstract my work isn’t for everybody. i had one query about a print from a couple, the woman loved the piece while the man had short arms and long pants. oh well.

someone talked about booking me for an arts center somewhere in mass but so far no contact. these things take time and i’ve found it’s best to be out and about in order to meet if it happens fine if not keep moving,

the officers of the gallery got upset at my experiment because they had predetermined that no one person could sell images during a group show, hey it might have made the gallery more lively. i think the officers are afraid of causing some excitement in the gallery. lord knows there are so few visitors now without a special attraction like TOAST that very few people get to see ones work hanging in the gallery. that’s what they want so that’s what they get.

i should have gone to the car show and swap meet to look for parts to the car i am restoring a 1970 XR7 mercury cougar convertible, woo hoo.

so much happens in life it’s hard to keep up. as one of my teachers once said. ‘Life is like a wave and we are like a boat on the sea. the waves of life keep crashing against our bow, then recede along our body to pass along in our wake until another wave comes along.’

it just goes on until it stops. it’s the journey that’s important not the destination because to tell the truth i don’t know where i am going. had i kept to my chosen course in life i would have missed all this fun.

good day


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