Summer project

Yesterday we got our, mary’s and mine Mercury Cougar XR7 convertible back from the body shop half finished, why do they put people off, saying they had a rush jobs, what am i chopped liver? of course it rained all day meaning i couldn’t work on it back at the house.i need to find out why the drivers seat doesn’t move back, which means pulling it out to check the track. not in the rain.

new money pit

new money pit

this has turned into a money pit and who knows if it will ever pay off. yes it’s a rare car but so much work needs to be done to it who knows if i’ll ever get it back. so now i’ll got other work scheduled for it while i wait for ‘frankie floors’ to clear a bay so he can finish the floor work.

i am having the front end looked at next week i think it needs alignment but it could just be the drums need turning.need to call the top place and get glass window installed. so much to do and the rain isn’t helping. very soggy northeast. oh well, life is change, i just don’t do waiting well. but getting better at it.

but maybe this summer we can look cool driving down the road top down hair blowing in the wind, life could be worst.


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