LABA Festival

last night 5/6/09 we, mary and i, went to see a woman i had worked, gina bonati,, with as a model who is also a playwright at her show ‘I had a little voice’ at the LABA Festival at the 14th St Y @ first ave, nyc.

this was part of the the festival has been running all week having opened last saturday and will run until this sunday, mothers day.

wednesdays program started with a dance piece called

The Body Project: An Intergenerational Dance Piece by Julie Gayer Kris

Working with women of all ages, Julie has been questioning the theme of the body and body image. How do we relate to our bodies? What do our bodies reveal about us? Does age or cultural background have anything to do with how we see our bodies? How do we relate to the idea that we are created in a Divine image? Julie is curious about the difference between feeling something within her body and the jolt of seeing her body in the mirror. She has been exploring exaggerating body image distortions to find the line where grotesque and beautiful blend.

Part A: The Meating

YelleB Dance Ensemble is premiering a new piece by Ella Ben-Aharon and Edo Ceder

I Had A Little Voice

A Theater piece created by Gina Bonati and Ronit Muszkatblit
The body is an expression from its beginning to its end. We are landing elements in our related worlds and demanding attention and change. This is what we do the moment we are in creation and until we stop; with or without our voice and with or without response. This is inherent in living.

just a sample of the image gina sent me, i guess to interest me, shot with her cell phone. now if i could only figure out how to use and download my images, but as mary says we aren’t of that generation.

The Perfect Human (or the 6th Obstruction)

by Yoni Oppenheim
Using Jørgen Leth’s 1967 short film The Perfect Human as a point of inspiration and departure, The Perfect Human 2009 (or the 6th Obstruction) will explore what it means to be a human with a body and soul, using the artist’s own wedding footage and material created especially for this project.

we had a great time and i especially loved ginas piece. one member of the audience said it reminded him of beckett. mary and i loved the physical use of paper as a construct and sensual part of the production. for me there was the sound of the performers voices which are always a big part of the presentation but i though they worked so well together.

i wished gina had invited me down to shoot her piece. it would have worked so well with what i do. oh well maybe next time. some of the creators talked afterwards about how they determined what to show and how they created.

mary and i went for burgers at a place in the east village the ny times gave a good write up on, ‘Back 40’ , but we were disappointed that the burgers were over cooked as were our neighbors. this was a wed night so imagine what the weekend must be like.

but a nice night even though it rained.


One Response to “LABA Festival”

  1. Mary Wehrhahn Says:

    If you’ve nothing planned for Mother’s Day and are in the city. You should go. Tickets are under $10 (pretty sure the cost was $7)

    Definitely a diamond in the rough!

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