NYPH ’09 continued

if i don’t write about these experiences right away they are lost in grey matter. this is about some of the giveaway mags i found at the festival. this isn’t a complete coverage just my own pics and eye so it’s very subjective.so i’ll just list them as they are in a pile on my desk and let you the viewer make a decision if you want more info.

  1. Nueva Luz; photographic journal, very nice matte paper mag published in Bronx NY.
  2. photoworks; glossy stock english publication, 2 issues a year.
  3. Dear Dave; another glossy stock mag, 3 issues a year.
  4. Eyemazing; glossy stock oversize mag 9.5×13.5″, published in Amsterdam,The Netherlands.
  5. 8 Magazine; which i only found a flyer for , published in the UK, photojournalism.
  6. Lensjockey; distributed by Holly Van Voast who wandered around the show every day handing out free copes of her magazine.i’ve been there done that and know from experience how hard that is. Good luck
  7. Visura; while i didn’t physically see this publication i did see the photographs displayed, some very interesting latin american artist on view. they have a special NYPH special issue.

my fav is eyemazing because of their over size and coverage of whom they featured. but hey you make up your own mind they are all good from their own perspective.

some of the galleries not participating in NYPH’09 but in the neighborhood that had outstanding exhibits were Hossein Farmani’s Farmani Gallery which has an excellent show now, Jesse Diamond’s ‘Drive‘ through June 12,09 and down the hall at Watermill Brooklyn Gallery i saw a Berlin based artist Jonnde Voigt series of large format vertical-rectangular diptychs which amazed me with their fine detail.

so this is what i do wandering around photo festivals, so much right brain activity, well not sure which brain or if i even have one at times, but i get pulled in my others view of the world and really inspired by their vision. i am just an old kid at heart.


One Response to “NYPH ’09 continued”

  1. Mary Wehrhahn Says:

    Thanks for sharing this info…
    I look forward to reading your blogs… interesting stuff

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