Selling Images

i continue to sell images at ward nasse gallery, a fine art gallery, mostly painters, in the heart of new york’s Soho section at 178 Prince street, nyc, ny and i’ve never sold anything at soho photo a photo gallery. i’ve sold three images at ward nasse so far this year and have another pending inquiry.this copy below goes to a new home.great work mia.



as we,mary and i were wandering NYPH’09 we both said some of the photos exhibited would never make it past the members jury for show at soho photo and we laughed. i am sure these members are trying to keep the soho gallery pure, what ever that is, but i think their shows lack creativity. there are some excellent crafts people there for sure, but nobody comes down to the gallery to see them. the only people who do come there don’t buy anything. i love it when someone buys my work because it opens up new wall space to put something else up.


One Response to “Selling Images”

  1. Mary Wehrhahn Says:

    yippee… just in time… my birthday is next week 😉
    xoxo m

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