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this week i’ve got a visitor the ‘little red celt‘, a model from England staying on my couch. we met last year when she and her partner came over to model for some photographers here in the states. she’s back doing the same this year after graduation. we’ve been talking about doing a shoot together this time.well she offered as payment for staying here which really isn’t needed but hey me turn down a lovely woman to shoot. so i’ve been thinking well maybe.

i showed her some found pictures i’d done with a dancer over a year ago which i hadn’t really looked at. i get busy just breeze through the contact sheets, as it were, and forget to come back. i always get something out of a session i can use. but i do get down on myself because of the low rate of return on my images. i am really hard on myself for not being perfect, sorry to say i can be that way with other people close to me also. the saving grace is i am willing to admit that and can back off.

here is a series that i found which ‘celt‘ also liked.

dancer copy


but our favorite image was this one below. what my work is about is trying to capture the feeling of dance. it’s the same way i light performance pieces. getting my lighting to advance the story through mood or what ever means necessary. one show i remember doing a bump to white lighting and getting ohs from the audience. now that’s a light cue.


i’ve invited my partner over here for this shoot, ‘the celt’ hasn’t met her yet but we know of each others work. we want to work with some china silk and a fan and see what happens. i love china silk ever since i saw a 100′ backdrop of red china silk the ‘peking opera’ brought over to the the metropolitan opera here in new york city may years ago.

that’s pretty much how i like to work with someone , it’s about a discovery between whom ever i am working with. them, the camera and me. heck i do have some experience doing this stuff so why not have fun along the way?

no animals will be harmed in the making of my pictures, we might have a few laughs along the way, and who knows if any art will be performed. i am very happy if someone buys my prints and hang them in their house. they have a little bit of me when they do so.

well that’s all folks for today……….

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