Canon 5D mll gripe

hi gals & guys

I just bought a Canon 5D M ll as I’ve wanted full frame for a long time. I am not a new Canon user having had to switch to Canon’s a while ago when my Exacta llB finally gave up. I own an F1, had A1 programmable, AE 1 which are gone to camera heaven , still have a 20D and now a 5D M ll. I keep my F 1 to shoot infrared since my Contax are auto loaders and not able to read infrared film.

Now to go along with the cameras I’ve had a number of FD lenses.Kept my 28mm lens for the F1 which i really love. All my older cameras had the same battery, woowhoo.

The problem now with my digital cameras is when I travel I can only carry 1 spare Lithium battery per camera? I usually carry at least two spare batteries, charger, HD and computer. Oh I could buy a grip and put two batteries in there almost doubling the size of the camera which is not good to have a large camera in some places in this world.

Another simple solution to the too big camera is to buy a G 10, oh another battery & charger? So that’s out.

So traveling around the world with two cameras, chargers, batteries, 3 lenses, thank goodness the lenses fit both cameras and my wife’s 50D, oh and her camera batteries. Some traveling show. We might need a porter just for the camera gear.

Why do all these companies need to make so much money selling me accessories for my camera when I want to buy a system, Have bought many systems of theirs , that will work for me with a limited number of parts.

How many times have I lost simple things, caps, filters, batteries and what not in the frenzy of life. I was shocked at the cost of a new lens cap, hey it’s advertising. I do get tied of paying through the nose for every little tool I use to create my work, heck it’s hard enough staying up todate with everything and be exploited by our creative partners. This may be the last time I buy another camera.

Maybe I should take up drawing again, how many no# 2 pencils can one carry on a plane?



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