‘Celt’ shoot

well it’s been awhile since my visitor the Celt left back across the water to her home in merry old england and i’ve not even visited this site in how many months. the problem is that i journal, something i’ve picked up years ago after being turned on to the book from a neighbor. i did go to a workshop lead by the co-author who said the major asset was in the journaling. well i got into that and it just stuck.

but i am a photographer and take pictures so without them what’s the point of being here? so onto the meat of the day or should i say entree as ‘meat’ might be politically incorrect and i really don’t like to offend people, but i seem to have a knack.

little red celt

little red celt

this image did get me work renting my tungsten lighting system for an internet shoot for Dwell Magazine.Also a days pay which is nice and meeting two new creatives which is always nice. it was shot using the Canon 5D m ll, something new to me for sure.


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