2009 International Photography Awards

well i got this notice a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled, who wouldn’t be. the other photographers i talked with said WOW. that’s pretty good company to keep.

Hello jene youtt,
Congratulations. Your entry ‘Ascending’ has advanced through the second round and is now in the third and final round of the jurying process. Your entry is now an official Honorable Mention of the 2009 International Photography Awards.
In addition, your entry is now competing for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place title. All winners will be announced on Tuesday, August 18th.
Congratulations again. Stay Tuned and thank you for participating in the 2009 International Photography Awards.
International Photography Awards

reach for the stars

reach for the stars

But the final  notification date has passed for the top prizes so it looks as if they aren’t going to send me & mary  around the world or where ever they are sending the winner. but life isn’t so bad. i am really looking forward to see the results because it’s quite an honor to be selected for anything. i am just a guy who shoots pictures, don’t consider myself special, and to be included with these photographers (see archive) it’s some honor, there are moments in life that make it very worthwhile just to wake up.

i look everyday for a link to all the winners and honorable mentions, hey that’s me!

now what do i do?


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