Graflex system 4 sale

yes i’ve finally started cleaning my closet of all the things i’ve collected over the years, you know those must have items like my jimmy olsen camera, the Graflex Crown camera. It’s so cool to shoot with because everything is thought out.

first need to focus camera, then either put in 120 roll adapter or the 4×5 film holders, pull the b/o slide them click the shutter, insert the b/o slide ,either turn the film slide holder or advance the film roller. set up new picture begin with focus on subject. yes i’ve screwed this sequence up a few times.

entire Graflex system

it reminds me of ZEN photography when one needs to really pay attention to what your doing, ‘be here now’ as the saying goes. but my life is going pretty fast in the digital realm and i have so many film cameras, my hassy, my contax, my yashica em, and canon f1.

i posted this on craigslist here in New York and have a few interested people but who knows. i’d like to find a good home for my friend and have it help creating some more wonderful pictures. it is so hard to part with things i love.


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2 Responses to “Graflex system 4 sale”

  1. ztomnoiz Says:

    thank for good article

  2. Brad Phillips Says:


    I came across your site by chance. Have you sold your Graflex 4×5 camera yet? I’ve been looking for a large format camera for months. I know it’s a low offer, but would you accept $70-$80 for it all? I’m a student so I have to spend conservatively. I’ll put it to fine and passionate usage. I live in Ohio, so you may not want to ship.


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