amazon jungle in B&H photo

well their at it again or should i say still.

Mary went down for a seminar yesterday and i asked her to pick up a firewire cable. same run around go to the back of the store wait in line, select the item, wait for the salesperson to print up an order form, then you take it across the store, wait in another line, see another clerk who then types the item into his computer, throws away the piece of paper you gave him, you and he wait, hopefully you have something to talk about while your item comes up from the basement, which he then scans into computer and prints out a payment statement.

now does this all seem like a waste of time and resources? it’s my personal opinion that B&H is trying to get rid of it’s ‘in person’ customers and just become the amazon of photography stores. it’s a jungle out there full of pitfalls and quicksand .

i for one have always opted for the personal touch, yes price is somewhat important but so is personal contact. i guess this comes from the artist in me, as i am not so much a photographer which captures something them moves on to the next. what is important to me is to be able to create in my images or have them express the feeling that others,my subjects create.

i work with dancers who’s art is so ethereal, gone in a puff of the moment, yet so beautiful in that moment. it’s hard to define as the perfect moment because so much work goes into it, all the class work, rehearsal, stretching and physical exertion, never mind the sweat and pain to achieve a nanosecond of form.

well i guess all this can be remembered as one stands in line after line waiting to spend your money and get on with your life. i could be reliving the ‘nutcracker’ before i get out of the store. well maybe only the first act.

hey made another store.

now if you’d like to express your opinion on this subject to B&H try here no purchase necessary.


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