hey hot shot update

what a small world. i know it doesn’t seem that way as we jump on a crowded subway car at rush hour, well maybe it does.there is a TED talk that shows exactly where we are in the cosmos which is informative. it’s given by jill tarter who is the head of SETI titled ‘are we alone?’ a question which has always interested me since lying on top of my garage looking at the stars.

Mary and i picked a photo out of the first batch put up, we both loved the colors and composition of this rather abstract image. it reminded me of a padlocked door i found in panama so i told mary why not pick it, which she did.

the small part of the world was that photographer picked my photo.Blue Ladyher name is christine finkelson and we both print on some of the same hahnemuhle papers. and i think but i am not sure but christine might be over 23 years old.

looking at the hot shot crowd makes me feel old for an ’emerging photographer’ but there were some of us there. mostly the crowd seemed right out of collage and comfortable with the single bar scene. but hey i’ve been wrong before.

we got out of there alive and had dinner around the corner and maybe made a few friends along the way. not a bad evening at all

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