Canon 5D Mark ll opinion

hi gals & guys

i am somewhat disappointed with my 5D Mll especially now that the 7D is around the corner which seems to be a much better camera video wise at least.i do come from a film/video background so i am somewhat opinionated about this.

i moved up to 5DMll because i wanted a full frame camera and the people selling used 5D’s were asking way too much around here. the video component also was very enticing but 30 frames and no locked auto focus or face recognition software seems like they are just waiting for Mark lll to come out.reminds me of the epson 4000 & 4800 introductions.

to not be able to sync sound to video seems silly. i looked at some video i lit for some other shooter and i see how silly it looks. picture looks nice but since edison figured out how to record voices  and made pictures you’d think canon who makes video cameras might have married the two together on this camera. but i guess it had something to do with turf wars.

one the plus side the sensor on the Mll gives great color rendition well it is an improvement over my 20D that’s for sure.the file size for my usage is over the top, i don’t shoot billboard art but some do. with genuine fractal’s i seem to be able to get the size prints i want. i might want to do billboards later in life so maybe having such big files will come in handy.i get a whooping 300 some odd images on a card now. lexar should be happy.

as far as the seals go i try and keep my cameras out of water etc but it would be nice to have it sealed well.

as far as the software is concerned i am still learning it. i shoot mostly 4 gb cards so i can back them up on dvds and the new 9999 images on a folder threw my backup workflow off. i am adjusting as i know others are. so it’s just not a matter of dragging and dropping a folder onto a drive. yes redundancy backups on hd and dvds.

oh did i mention battery size. if the 7D can use the same legacy batteries then why did i have to buy new ones for the Mll, oh the camera didn’t cost enough money, i see. at least i don’t have to get new lenses.

but hey nothing is perfect in this world and we all need to make a buck, well except me, i seem to be supporting manufactures of equipment while art sales have plummeted bouncing off the floor but hey we all got to eat. maybe i can crack open some 20D batteries and see how they taste.

well maybe my tune will change once i learn the new camera system. remember the old camera where there was a f stop ring & focus thingy that seemed to work pretty good, still have my F1 loved the look of that camera and the metering system, whew be still heart.

just my uninformed take on the subject maybe some day i’ll know more, but i do like fast lenses and cool cars.



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One Response to “Canon 5D Mark ll opinion”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    It seems learning new things is part of living… I know I always feel 5 steps behind the learning curve on any new technology “thing” I purchase.

    Somehow I manage to muddle my way through all the techno jargon, not seeming to understand a word of it – but viola, in spite of myself I am creating, improving and loving what I do.
    So I guess that’s not too shabby. And then there is you, who after a scant 5 years, still manages to put a smile on my face and love me through all my angst.


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