Painting or drawing on prints

this is a post i made on one of my user groups about one of my work process that goes into my dancer series.

i use pastel chalks in some of my pieces because i am not happy with the gamut that i get from my printers. i use to use a Epson 1280 with dye ink which i loved that gamut but with my Epson 7600 pigment inks the gamut is much smaller. some colors just don’t reproduce as vivid as i’d like so i’ve gone back to my roots which is drawing.

i’ve talked to the people at Eastman Kodak about any destructive reactions that might happen to mixing the two mediums but since the, the 7600 and pastels are both pigments there should be no adverse effects. i do spray prints with printshield between mediums. archival? live longer than me? that never bothers me nor do i loose sleep over it. i try and make the best product i can, but looking at some old art in paris it too has seemed to have faded somewhat. what can you do? all of this planet is impermanent.

i usually print on hahnemuhle papers my fav being william turner textured papers but have moved to german etching. i know some use arches uncoated watercolor paper which i might go back to. i am thinking of looking into cranson. i’ll look around at photo expo for papers. one year i found kodaks metallic paper, woohoo.

now it seems to me in my ignorance that one could mix charcoal with b&w printing without a negative effect. the same would apply to india inks and sumi carbon which would give more permanency to the product. but do be aware that some gallery owners won’t touch my stuff even though its original and one of a kind. ignorance abounds. but the buying public seems to like these works as they do sell, alas not as many as i’d like but i am no name and people do like name dropping. but sometimes i get lucky in that my color gamut fits in with their decor.

personally i am not a big fan of acrylic paints or washes because i started with oil paints but hey what ever floats your boat and makes you happy then go for it. i think it’s all about exploring learning how to then letting the process go where it wants to. personally i am not here to make the rest of the world happy. i do clean up after myself, help others in need and believe it helps to love one another. i know too many people who don’t know how to love. that’s why i create art because i love to, it’s an inside job that i hope spills out into the world.where would we be if we didn’t explore all of creation?

i have started using adorama lab for my kodak metallic c prints, love those blacks but there again some colors just don’t come out. but hey maybe i’ll see if i can add some colors on top. it’s not brain surgery and no children or animals will be harmed,why not? just my two cents.


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