a day in the life

wandering around new york galleries on wed after an all day sitting at soho photo looking at the lighting system they have and are thinking of replacing as they have received a proposal from the contractor who painted the gallery this past summer. what an improvement over the dingy, paint peeling walls and ceiling. for an art photography gallery to look that run down i thinks reflects on the artist who show there.

i guess i should say the photographers who show there. this distinction i make with my work being art as opposed to just photographs. i create my pictures while i think most photographers capture theirs. i’ve always thought that the proof in my work was the print, that’s where i spend most of my time in creating, not that taking the picture isn’t just important because it is.

i did stop by Madame X, 95 houston St, nyc, ny to see Catlin Mitchells semi nude fashion exhibit. Madame X seems an appropriate place for the show except for the lighting but the decor of red wall paper and golden couches, can we say whore house look, seemed to the welcome the exhibit. i did look to introduce myself to Catlin who was not hard to find in her silver sequined dress, but didn’t have time to talk, who ever does at ones opening, greeting guest, friends and what not. love her carbon prints on cold press paper.

speaking of artists and galleries in the evening i continued around the corner to ward-nasse gallery where i have four prints hanging to re-lable two of them with the awards they have received, Blue the 2009 Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) and Ascending the 2009 International Photography Award. because there is an opening reception at ward-nasse this saturday 10/17/09 at 7pm for this lovely young artist who paints hearts. She usually sells out and has a large following. i sold two prints at her last show. woohoo.

the next sunday 10/18/09 mary and i are showing our work in Hoboken at the Monroe Center for the Arts for their open studio tour, 12 noon to 5 pm affair.if you’re in the neighborhood stop by or better yet make the trek to the center and say hello. we are showing some of our bump, wedding and children laboroflovepixs hoping to drum up some more business.mary makes sure there’s lots of wine and popcorn, don’t ask. she will also be bring some of her wearable art, which women seem to like, as that’s what the conversation always seems to move to at our gallery openings etc.

where does our life go? mary the energizer bunny and me, i get tired just watching her, are getting ready next month for a friends art/gallery shop opening on 231 Bedford Ave in williamsburg Brooklyn called Barking Lizard. some of the art works there are fabulous. do stop by and take a look.


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