Busy weekend

last weekend was pretty busy running around to different galleries and participating in the hoboken open studios at the monroe center. we, mary & i, met some interesting people to talk with and i always like these things because i meet other artist talk about each others work and share the day. i like to see other artist work as it gets me to thinking about things i’ve never thought of before.

here is mary meeting people, i am the guy behind the curtain, oh camera

mary show our work

mary showing our work

add my pixs

add my pixs

another bus load

another bus load

mary’s jewelry which surprised us didn’t sell. heck she sells it off her body at some of our openings.


sometimes i get locked into an idea or work space and can’t easily see my way out of it. that’s one of the values of the Artist Way book by julia cameron and mark bryan, but mark has disappeared from the amazon book page and the web site. maybe some sort of riff between them. i did meet him years ago as he was doing sessions about the book and how to use the information given. i do recommend the book or should i say the system it teaches., although i can’t say i know anybody who’s ever finished the book and all it’s exercises. but the ideas are top notch and it generates an idea of ‘self care’ and appreciation, that can open many a closed door or window. of course now there is an artist way web site.

one of the things i got from mark and out of the book was journal writing . i’ve got somewhere close to 150 legal pads of writings which they call morning pages. i’ve no way of knowing if they’ve helped me or not.but i haven’t thought of walking half way across the george washington bridge lately.

i do remember this nutty girlfriend who was so insecure about our relationship that she would read them when i wasn’t around. well between my comments on that relationship and her reading my private musings it wasn’t very good. that whole relationship was wacky from the beginning but my comments and her insecurity weren’t a good mix.

well maybe i shouldn’t say that exactly because the woman i am with now doesn’t even bother to read them or if she does she doesn’t bring them up in conversation. as painful as breaking up with someone is, and that one was because i thought i loved her, i’ve found that life does get better as i do. so that girlfriend, as i was for her, was the way to move onward with our lives. she left her husband and i found someone who learned to love me, sometimes i don’t make it easy. what i learned from that relationship was that i could try and love again, we should never forget how to love one another.

so the morning pages are a pretty powerful event.

well i was going to write about art and photography and how the printer gods are frowning on me, but i’ll have to do that some other time. my finger are sore.

we did see an interesting young artist photographer at daniel cooney gallery named tim roda who does these ‘creations’ is all i can describe them as. he gave a talk sat attended by a few people and a couple of his friends. mary an di went down to hear him because his work is so different. we dropped in on cooney’s gallery, gallery mega opening day this fall when the streets were alive with wine drinking harpies wandering from gallery to gallery. fine arts halloween evening for sure. some tricks some treats. boo


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