wasting time is my pastime

i just spent hours changing the password on my wireless dlink network, first logging in, configuring the software, then after not doing this for a number of years, i suggest if one is security consensus to do this more often as one forgets how to or take concise notes. need to really learn to listen more closely as tech support isn’t located in this country so the accents are sometimes hard to understand, i am sure they feel the same way.

getting the wireless router configured  i lost my computer ip address. thank goodness for assistants and apple software. i don’t know how windows people survive especially the ones on high floors.so now onto the business at hand.

i bought a hp 9180 printer which so far has reminded me of a sherman tank running into a wall. i’ve never had a printer shake the table so violently as this one does as it moves the carriage side to side. whoo nelly. but they say this is a good printer so i’ve got a learning curve for sure, especially after all these years using epson printers.

hey what’s life without some sort of challenge. did i think i could just sit down at my desk and create. where did the simplicity of pencil and paper in hand go? tonight i go look see at all the wonderful changes snow leopard has even though my new computer is still in the box with nowhere to go,  because i’ve been wasting my time with security issues. but this is tekserve’s schedule and what the heck it’s only an hour presentation.

meat loaf for dinner is all i can think of right now, guess i must be hungry.

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