Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studio Tour Nov 7-8 2009

well for those of you who would like to meet me i’ll be opening my studio during this event located at

Youtt, 427 51st Street, 3A, New York, NY, 10019 between 9th & 10th Ave., 212 664 1039

hell's kitchen artist studio tourHKArtiST(2)

the tour actually begins on Nov 6 with an opening party at Bar 9 on Tenth Ave but i’ll be at Emmanuel’s opening that night.

as this is the first event of this kind in the neighborhood i am hoping to meet some of my fellow artists whom i pass on the street anonymously. so far i’ve met a few very talented artists, one woman had a postcard of one of her watercolors which i recognized immediately as the lobby of the Paris Opera house. how cool is that?

maps will be available at Fountain Gallery, 702 9 Ave, NYC on the corner of 9th Ave & 48th Street. beginning Nov 6, 2009.see www.artistinthekitchen.org for more information.

i am hoping mary will baby sit a bit so i can visit some other studios.

so if you’d like to meet me and say hello or better yet buy one of my prints, actual SALE of some odd sized prints returned from a show i had in Kyoto, Japan do stop by.

i had suggested we buy balloons to display aiding location for the visitors. if lost give a call.

see you then.


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