All i want to do is make art or color management gone wild again.

i never wanted to learn how to type on a typewriter because of my phonetic poor spelling.i wanted to draw.

i wasn’t sure i wanted to learn how to use a computer but it did help my spelling. so i bought an Apple CI computer.  but now i am being held hostage along with a few other thousand of people by code writers. i am not talking about the Navaho  peoples who helped this country during WW ll but the whizz kids writing computer code.

at photo expo 2009 i talked with the HP printer people trying to learn how to not have their printers color manage my seems turning ‘off ‘color management on their printers isn’t easy. the salesman showing the HP 9100 products had a hard time finding the right places to look, so it’s really not intuitive because they hide it in the print dialog box- copies & pages> paper type> color>  application managed color. now why couldn’t they just say ‘no color management?’ well Epson says that.

i did have a nice exchange with another photographer wanting to learn exactly the same thing as i as we waited for the salesperson to learn how to educate us. he showed me some of his B&W prints to which i asked if he’d ever had them printed on Kodak’s metallic paper, i suggested Adorama prints whom i’ve always found quality work from. i also suggested he try the silver edition B&W prints they of my  shameless plugs for a friends company PTS who carries Fuji Frontier printers and off topic.

Ok but this is the least of the printing problems i have now under  Tiger OS. now we move onto the big cat Snow Leopard and that gets really strange. i come from using Epson printers since they were the only company that was producing fine art printers, well the only one i could afford, Roland was way out of my league.i learned how to make my own color profiles, well after i huddled in the corner for years at the mention of color management, i found print fix pro from Datacolor way cool and made my prints better.did i mention a free upgrade to my software, now how many companies do that?

so i go out and buy a new Apple quad core 2.93  with  Snow Leopard but thinking i am gonna keep my old G4 as a print server just in case there are printing issues. i am getting smarter in my old age. seems everyone is having printing issues with  Snow Leopard. my yahoo Epson printing group are all a buzz with issues and few soultions.

there is one web site i know of, remember my knowledge is limited, the Luminous Landscape has a work around posted at but why? how to print a no color managed print or you select the color management and not have it turn out some other color. this is the first they’ve heard of it? what planet do they live on?

don’t these people from Apple, Canon, Epson, Hewlett-Packard, Samsung ever talk to each other? why can’t we have some standard to go by in printer drivers. is it such a dog eat dog world out there that we the user can’t have a dependable work tool.

has greed and fear taken over the entire world? i thought it might have subsided a bit, with our newly elected president, so we could believe in creation again, and building a better world.

but old habits are slow to die off. one of the reasons i keep old computers around, remembering when i was young i’d get into all kinds of troubles loading some new software on my computer and being asked by customer support ‘why’d you do that?’ and not having a good answer for them.

oh well





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