center 4 photography water contest

a few weeks ago i entered the center 4 fine art photography water contest. it’s one of the contest i first started entering when i got enough courage to submit work. enough people had told me my work was good and i should submit.

brown leaf trapped in ice

well i never heard back from them from any of my entries, well maybe a rejection email or two, i am not sure anymore. rejections are something i’ve grown use to, although some contest don’t even bother doing that. how many entries do they get, i’ve heard some places raise as much as $50,000.oo each contest, not a bad months worth of work.

lots of people want recognition as an emerging photographer or old salt. but it’s something that i don’t do as much as when i started out, yes i’ve won my share of contest which is pretty wonderful or at least gotten honorable mentions which i think is pretty cool also.

rain chain

now i am more interested in who’s judging the contest than i am the gallery running it. how does one make contact with people? the big question. i asked bruce silverstein one night how he finds his talent to which he replied spend all night searching the internet much to his wifes objections. how do we or anybody make contact in this age of computer overload? do we use the same device  that causes the problem.

condensation on window

modern postcard would have us believe that the old school of contacting art directors and agents is through good old mailings. maybe that’s still true.this reminds me of a story i heard a long time ago about the sun rising and native american legends.

it seems there was this anthropology fellow living in one of the native americans villages studying the native peoples. in his observations  he would see that early in the morning some men would disappear into a certain area before the sun came up. he asked questions about what was going on  which mostly were met with evasive answered. but there was one person who shared a story that they were performing a sacred ceremony of greeting the sun.

[now my memory isn’t the greatest in remembering names isn’t one of my strong points.]

but to continue the story: when the anthropology student pressed for details he was told that the group performed the ceremony in order for the sun to be raised from the underworld . ‘you’d don’t really believe that the student asked? you’re educated people who knows that the planets revolve around the sun which makes the sun comes above the horizon.’

‘yes that is true.’ was the answer.

but the student kept seeing the group meet every morning. once again he approached the person whom had answered his question about the ceremony and asked  ‘why are you still meeting and performing that ceremony ?’

to which was answered ‘ if we didn’t perform this ceremony it might prove your science  sun rising theory wrong and leave the world in darkness.’

so you never know what outcome your actions will produce which is one of the reason i still enter contest.


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