robert frank film:leaving home, coming home

well instead of working today i made a loaf of banana walnut bread which has filled the house with its fragrance. i can’t wait until it cools so i can taste it. but more to the point robert frank.

it’s good to revisit things as i did the other day with friends  to re-see the robert frank’s exhibit at the met museum. this time the exhibit wasn’t crowded and there was time to see everything once more.i had a chance to look at the original books and displays things that didn’t seem important the first time. im love seeing the original writings done on typewriters with all the misspellings etc. my bad spelling really intimidated me from writing.

what i realized seeing the show and then movie that when along with the show which i really recommend. “Leaving Home, Coming Home: a portrait of robert frank (1986) december 17, 2:00 pm.

but seeing the show again without the crowd was much better for me. the show prints are exceptional gelatin silver prints which is something i’ve always been confused about with silver gelatin prints also see another explanation at. but any show that spends that much money on prints in this day and age is going to look good.

i must say the banana bread is pretty good also, warm covered it butter not good for my arteries but so smooth going down.


One Response to “robert frank film:leaving home, coming home”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    It definitely was worth the price of admission and then some. I really enjoyed the documentary about his life and art also.

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