for artists who want to know about new spaces and opportunities

chashama Studio Application – Brooklyn Army Terminal
DEADLINE : January 12, 5pm – at our office / January 11 – postmark

The chashama Studio Program at the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) encompasses 89 visual artist studios in two neighboring buildings in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

We are seeking artists to join our BAT Studio community, beginning occupancy February 2010.

chashama offers low-cost, work-only studio space to eligible individual artists for a period up to one year (depending on availability of the space from the landlord), subject to renewal. Organizations are not eligible. This program does not provide living space.

range in size from 200 to 800 square feet,
will cost no more than $1 per square foot per month.
have 8-foot high walls, with ceiling heights that range from 12 to 15 feet.
24-hour access
freight elevators during business hours

A communal environment is encouraged through proximity of the studio artists. The studios do not have individual studio doors (if an artist wishes for privacy, he/she may hang fireproof material over the studio opening.) For an image of the building and a sample studio, check out

Artists who are awarded a studio are expected to work in their spaces on a consistent and ongoing basis, and must be prepared to actively use their studio a minimum of 50 hours a month or they will lose it; sign-in sheets are used to record studio use. Studios may not be sublet.

Each artist provides a security deposit ($200) along with the first month’s rent upon signing the lease agreement. Studio artists are asked to participate in one (1) open house per year in which their studios are open to public visitation.

Eligibility: All applicants must be residents of the United States or have a valid visa not expiring before the end of the residency, be 18 years or older, and able to demonstrate need for a studio. Applicants may not be residents in another studio program at the same time as their chashama residency, unless agreed to by chashama.

Welding, work that requires use of fire, or work that creates an abundance of air-born particulate matter is not allowed. If your work samples are of this type of work, please describe how your future projects may differ.

Selection Process:
chashama will place artists in a studio based on the information received in the application.
A panel of arts professionals and artists will review applications and select artists based on
• Artistic merit. Quality of work.

We will then interview selected artists to determine
• Need. The need for space measured against other options available.
• Use. Potential for making the most of time in the studio.
• Personal responsibility. Personal references and ability to pay fees.

All applicants will be notified in February if they have been selected for interview. Please do not call our office for selection results.

link to pdf application:


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