winter solstice

last winter i convinced mary to go up to st johns the divine to hear paul winters winter solstice celebration. living in new york one has exposure to all these wonderful events. i think it took me 28 years before i made my first solstice celebration so now i’ve made two of them.

this was something i though her grand daughters might enjoy but they are still too young or maybe they will never enjoy a music concert, mary doesn’t think it would be their cup of tea.

but we enjoyed it, maybe not as visual as the summer celebration i first saw but then again is anything able to match our first time at anything? for years i tried to match how great i felt or thought i felt with my first cigarette, although it might have been nauseous but cool. glad that’s over with.

at least now the day will be lengthening and it will soon be time to shed our wraps and let our bodies bask in the sun, woop tee do. i love bodies even this strange one appearing in my mirror everyday. were did that Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni body go?

but if you’ve been putting this off as i had done for years, i suggest you circle the date , mark you ical or what ever it is you do on 6/1/10 and look at living music site to book your tickets for the summer solstice celebration. st johns  is a wonderful music venue and maybe something will be reborn in you to sing and dance as if nobody is watching which they aren’t.

hey i even bought two cds so i can connect with those moments again lying in bed with my honey and howling at the moon. whooooooo . try it you might like it.


One Response to “winter solstice”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Looking forward to listening to those CDs again… and yes, howling at the moon with you.

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