Photography isn’t expensive

compared to restoring a muscle car. we are right in the middle of taking a piece of history from the junk yard and crusher and putting it under our butts. this is how we bought the car. looks good right?1970 xr7 red convertible

well we thought this was going to be a fun car and someday it maybe just that. so over a year later, 15 months, the car went into a body shop for major floor replacements. that’s what salt does to sheet metal.

1970 xr7 red convertible

1970 xr7 red convertible

passenger side floor

1970 xr7 red convertible

passenger floor & door

the white doors came all the way from california, mary and i had to put them on but first ream out new door hinge bushings and learn how to install and line up doors.

it’s a shame i don’t have before pictures but these are just the middle pictures because as you see there isn’t any interior in the car, nothing to sit on. it’s all sitting in marys basement and we are having a brunch get together latter this month and guess who is going to have to more all the parts.

oh i didn’t mention that the car needed a drivers side quarter panel, wheel wells, door striker post and a trunk floor.

1970 xr7 red convertible

trunk floor

1970 xr7 red convertible

trunk floor

but someday the car will look as good as we first saw it on that rainy day in long island.

1970 xr7 red convertible

as first seen

considering all my photography gear 4×5 graflex, n1 contax, hassy 503, f1 canon, yashica 120, 5D Mll & 20D it all pales in comparison to this project. going back to our original plan to tour the southwest of america with the top down, wind blowing in our hair, shooting Laszlo Kovacs style pictures is the final plan.

so maybe we’ll see you along the way between blast of air horns from the knights of the road. be sure to say hello.



One Response to “Photography isn’t expensive”

  1. Mary Says:

    It really did look like a great car before we started to take it apart, bit by bit. We knew about the floor pans because the guy we bought it from gave us those parts as well as a few others… But once we started taking off the door panels to inspect the RUST damage, it became “THE MONEY PIT” We could have traveled the world for what we have spent on this rust bucket. But my honey always wanted a convertible and so die I.

    I did write on the inside of the driver’s door – our names and date that we put the white doors onto the red car. I got to play mechanics helper for the summer. Can’t wait to swing by, pick up a couple of friends an cruise down the boulevard. (We may have to charge for the ride to recoup some of the added expenses we didn’t see coming.

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