what i did to waste my time today

the task at hand was trying to fix a Lightroom error message which i finally did by deleting the preference phist files and the LR folder in adobe application support. well that was pretty easy, now on to the major problem of moving the picture files from one HD to another.

well i read the forums which were written in martian, well they could have been for all i understood, but i tried a number of times following the instructions all to naught. but i did manage to find these couple of images from a shoot this spring, well actually last spring

classic greek male nude pose

classic greek pose

nude male

don't look

it seems it’s always like this, i do the session with the model and think i never get anything except a few good pics then i move on. later in life i come back to the folder and find these gems. well i think they are pretty nice.

all this comes at a time when i am reading Taschens art book on Caravaggio explaining his life and  times and showing absolutely gorgeous reproductions of Caravaggio’s paintings.

Caravaggio, for me, is one of the creators of chiaroscuro painting which i happen to like and seem to emulate in my work especially in this series. you have to realize i am more of an artist than just another shooter. i use a camera as a tool no more, no less. maybe the members of photography gallery were right in not wanting me to show my work there, their loss not mine.

nude male

the fall

this is one of two images almost the same and tonight  through my foggy brain i can’t make up my mind which one i like. well it’s not something i have to do now or forever. life is like that .

nude male

the fall ll

being an artist isn’t as easy as it seems. this morning i gave mary some feedback on her breast cancer grant proposal draft for the labor of love pix blog.

mary wehrhahn has been a great supporter of my work and i think shes got some great stuff on her web site, i especially love some of the lighting because i did it. but she is coming into her own and maybe time for me to retire and enjoy the ride.

time to lay my head on the pillow with something to read before i fall asleep. good night all

jene youtt


One Response to “what i did to waste my time today”

  1. fuzzypictures Says:

    the future of these pics seems to be a series of adam & eve or some sort of reenactment of some of caravaggio’s work. the problem being models dancers etc are all so transient that it’s hard to do more than one or two sittings. so everything needs to be done at once. my studio is very small fitting two or three at most so there is that limitation. oh well

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