chasing people & pony’s

why do i feel it’s my job chasing people? why don’t they just do the right thing? i am not the only one who was rasied with moral values but it seems that way at times. having to write to Canon’s president about software updates, why? this is how i feel.

pony skeleton head

lost pony

chasing the woman who backed into my car last week to save her money on her insurance and possibility myself from a rate hike. i’ve got enough to do in my life instead of chasing people. i don’t mind waiting as i am doing for the image selection from my entry in c4a motion juried show. just to add salt to my wounds those images won’t load here.

well i guess i’ll go about my day as a blank posting, there are days like that and then other days when a client calls to schedule a booking. woo hoo. so that’s life and the first noble truth.

maybe i’ll find another pony today.


One Response to “chasing people & pony’s”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Great image…. it should be hanging on a wall somewhere…. (like at my place – although it doesn’t go with the decor – it is a beautiful horse in full regalia.

    We need to travel and immerse ourselves within a tribe, learning from them and giving back what we can. The simple life of take what you need to live and nothing more…

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