C4FAP ‘Motion’ selection

well i’ve had one of my images selected for a c4fap Motion shows coming up this spring. i also have a cold as does mary, these things happen when we are out and about in the world.

nude female leaping upward


i’ve made a package for the image and have downloaded the forms needing to accompany the framed print. one really should never have to read instructions and understand them when one doesn’t feel good. it’s just too much to understand nor wanting to comply with. i’d rather lay down on the couch, turn on tv and see what’s going on in soap opera world and put my head gently down on a pillow waiting for oprah to come along and lull me to sleep.

i’ve time to think about all this and since it’s 23 degrees outside i don’t need to trudge off to UPS and send the package. besides they want an artist statement. do you think they accept a note saying i’d rather take a nap?

i’ve plenty of time as the show isn’t until march 19 thru april 17 2010.

busy week as i am going over to meet the people who run the 52nd Street Project tonight and see one of their shows. the project is about helping the neighborhood kids expresses themselves using theater and since we are living in the theater district capital of the world, arrogant statement for sure but this is broadway. i think it’s nice to give back to the community who supported me and i know that one person can make a difference in another’s life.

i’ll always be grateful for Joe coming into my life, a newark policeman who read my families dynamic and offered me friendship instead of telling me what i should do. me being a teenage i wasn’t too open for advice as i knew everything but he was there with a friendly place for me to go when i needed another perspective.

i think everyone needs places like that in their lives.

so i’ll just not do too much thinking today and maybe take a nap. we can all benefit from my doggie’s suggestion on this cold winter day.

dog sleeping on couch

but with the snap of a shutter and living with a photographer one can never relax completely

smiling dog on the couch

you want to do what on the couch?

jene youtt, nyc


One Response to “C4FAP ‘Motion’ selection”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Doggie didn’t look too happy about having to share the couch with you. A problem I never have…

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