canon flash units

it’s come to my attention my canon 580ex flash unit doesn’t have an external sync connection. it seems canon hasn’t put one in there flashes until the 580exll at $445.00 at B&H video.i was told tonight by a counter person at B&H that the 580exll was an improved flash unit.

what is this company thinking? all photographers put external flash units on their cameras?

can you imagine an external flash unit without a sync connection direct to camera? well canon can and does. they do offer a 2′ hot shoe connector for those use a bracket a ‘shoe cord’ they call it.

oh right, the flash units are wireless with no backup mode other than buying another flash head and transmitter. don’t ya just love all this technology? but the wireless transmitter is a feature of the camera right? oh i have to buy the transmitter separately just to make this work? maybe what i should have bought is canon stock instead.

what with all this brouhaha over the 5d mll and the poor software or lack of real video capabilities and no quick update from a company caught off guard with their own development i wonder if living in lake success doesn’t have it’s downside?

i am trying to move to exterior flash units, which are much smaller than my studio strobes and lighter to drag around the country side i am surprised by how limited canon as a photographic company is.

do they really want all my money?

live and learn. if only i went with nikon years ago this might or might not be an issue these days.

we also have a shoe saying around in my circle  ‘dumber than a shoe’  but i am not sure the canon executives run around the same circles i run in.

oh well

Jene Youtt, nyc


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  1. Canon Wide Lenses Says:

    Very interesting blog! Thanks!

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