educational web site: The Russell Brown Show

here is a link to a wonderful web site with lots of great tips & techniques


Welcome to the official, Russell Brown tips & techniques page. This is your one-stop shopping location for the latest in hot new tips from the one, and only, Dr. Brown. Beware, these QuickTime movies are large and will take time to download with a slow connection. Also, if you are viewing them using Internet Explorer, the movies may take several minutes to appear. For best results, Dr. Brown recommends that you use the Safari, or Firefox browser. These tutorials have been provided to you as a free service from Adobe Systems and Russell Brown.

i have always  followed the photographers link or name on these quicktime tutorials to see some pretty fantastic images. all part of my learning skills.


jene youtt, nyc


4 Responses to “educational web site: The Russell Brown Show”

  1. Jay Brezinski Says:

    This is really a nice source of advice, I’m glad I read this information. I am going to be returning soon to look at more that you have.

  2. marywehrhahn Says:

    Thanks for passing it along

  3. Perry Says:

    Hi, I have read your site and the content on the site is very interesting. It would be my pleasure to keep reading. Thank you for the useful informaton.

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