letter reply from Canon CEO & President Mr. Adachi, 5D MK II

Your recent letter to Mr. Adachi has been forwarded to my attention for reply. I sincerely appreciate your concerns and would like to apologize for any misunderstanding you may have encountered during your visit at the 2009 Photo Expo.

The EOS 5D MK II is the first and foremost a still image camera, and offers the ability to make high quality video clips. Unfortunately, HDMI output at 1920 X 1080 is not possible as the camera is not capable of handling the massive amounts of data written to the card, and output an HD signal via the HDMI port at the same time. This is why Live View is limited to 640 X 480 resolution.

The firmware update you are referred to in your letter, is intended to be released sometime during the first half of 2010. There was no release scheduled for January. When the update is released, we will see what frame rates the firmware offers.

As for the other features you mentioned as being absent from the EOS 5D MK II, they may be considered for a future product.

I hope this information is helpful to you and once again appreciate your interest in Canon.

Miichael Schimmel
Customer Relations.

This is what happens when one sits down and actually writes a letter  to a company. this is how companies do business via written letters. what with all this tweeting, emails and blogging just communicating the old fashion ways still works.


3 Responses to “letter reply from Canon CEO & President Mr. Adachi, 5D MK II”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Letters to CEO’s help get the attention your issue deserves.
    Epson replaced my printer and I finally heard from a women who knew how to resolve my problem and that was only after the letter was sent. My problem was elevated to the head of customer service who was worth her weight in gold. She actually knew something about her products, as opposed to the CSRs that read out of the trouble shooting chapter on the printer handbook.

  2. Terrell Kolwyck Says:

    Excellent post thank you for the info

  3. Margorie Kachikian Says:

    Good stuff here on this post, if anyone else is reading the comment section you should check out the rest of this guys articles becouse he knows what he is talking about

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