japanese woodblock exhibit at nippon gallery

new york has so many surprises, today i found a japanese woodcut exhibit and artist Mr. Makino Munenori who’s exhibit  ‘Beyond Hokusai and Hiroshige’ complete woodblock prints, will only be in town from 3/3/10 to 3/9/10 at The Nippon Gallery located in The Nippon Club, 145 West 57th Street, NYC , NY, ground floor lobby.

originally i had gone to the building for a meeting at another office but after a quick glance in passing i knew i wanted to explore this exhibit more fully.  after my meeting  i entered the gallery space where they were making final adjustments to a video of the artist working in his studio.

i watched the video with fasciation and at the conclusion  i opened my wallet to remove a business card to give to the gallery sitter but as i turned around the artist and owner of the gallery stood there. what a lovely opportunity, totally unexpected, to engage in conversation had i only been able to speak japanese or he english. but the  translator who spoke better japanese than i but who’s english was something she was learning.

i gave Mr. Munenori my card, very important in japanese society and bowed we smiled a lot. i am sure that all the words i had to say weren’t translated but who cares. what did get communicated were my feelings about his work. what more is there?

so if you’re wandering around the neighborhood, west 57th street, do stop in for a new york treat via japan.



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