Deborah Turbeville exhibit until March 20, 2010

Past Imperfect

if you’ve never seen this fashion editor turned photographers work i think you’ll be in for a treat by visiting this exhibit at Staley-Wise Galley located at 560 Broadway, suite 305, NY,NY 10012, 1 212 966 6223.

turberville 'Bath'

i was first introduced to her work by a deceased mentor who worked at B&H video who always had time to share stories of people he knew and had waited on during his long career. i miss him when i walk into the developing department. he always had time to share his knowledge.


One Response to “Deborah Turbeville exhibit until March 20, 2010”

  1. Studio St. Petersburg by Deborah Turbeville « Fuzzypictures's Weblog Says:

    […] lucky to have seem one of her photography exhibits at the Staley-Wise gallery down in soho, heres a link to my short review. she is a unique photographer to say the least. deborah […]

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