two gallery openings last night

last night i made the effort to leave my safe warm house to attend two photography show openings. the first gallery was the Aperture Foundation Gallery and Bookstore opening of ‘Angry Black Snake’ by Michael Corridore which runs from 2/25/2010 thru 4/8/2010, 547 W 27th street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10001.

In the words of Aperture book publisher Lesley A. Martin, “Corridore’s project, Angry Black Snake, is an exercise in minimalism. Each image has been pared down to the barest of elements—urgent gestures and barely traceable figures cloaked in smoke and dust. Yet each image pulses with palpable emotional tension, telegraphed by these barest of representational sketches and the subtle shifting colors of the clouds that descend upon each scene like a flimsy curtain.”

but what i found really exciting at aperture  was the exhibit ‘ No Singing Allowed‘ Flamenco & Photography which runs 2/6/2010 thru 4/6/2010,  with prints supplied from collections from all over the world. Yes they have an accompanying book for sale. in the web page notes

Whether as social phenomenon or musical expression, flamenco has been of enduring interest and inspiration to photographers from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. While some photographers from outside of Spain went in search of it or encountered it by chance, to others flamenco and its practitioners are an essential, if not innate, aspect of their cultural heritage and their photographic work. This artistic form—also considered a way of life or being—has generated fascination in cultured urban circles, remaining one of the most secret, mysterious, and seductive manifestations of twentieth-century European popular art. Marginalized and ostracized, the world of flamenco took root in an economically backward region of southern Europe, culturally peripheral and marked by a history of authoritarianism and local despotisms. This exhibition of more than one hundred and fifty years of images, frequently taken by foreigners rather than Spaniards, is an extensive survey of how photographers of different eras have approached the universe of flamenco, whether documenting the dance itself, gestures that recall it, or the culture that is developed around it.

way cool was the best discovery of the night Wendy Paton’s work at Sous Les Etoies Gallery, 560 Broadway,#205, NY, NY 0012, 212 966 796, runs from 3/11/2010 thru 4/30/2010. her show is called Visages De Nuit consisting of a series of gelatin silver black & white candid night images that are intended to provoke compelling and mysterious emotions of uncertainly .

wendy paton

wendy paton

the gallery program says Wendy Paton ‘allows herself to disappear in order to let her subjects emerge from the night.’ ” my experience is that people act differently a night. they let their guard down.they become who they really are, or they transform themselves into someone,real or imagined,that the want to be. there are seemingly no restrictions at night. life seems to become more free flowing as opposed to how people tend to act in the light of day” she says.

but at the opening Wendy was the shining light with her red hair,  busy talking to everybody, it surely was her night and she looked lovely. good luck



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