writing LMCC proposal or wasting time looking for something found

today i am trying to finish up a Lower Manhattan Culture Council application for a workspace. this is my first time application for anything of this kind. seems collage people take classes in this or are born with these qualities. for me it’s a big push, not in doing my artistic work,  just writing about it. glad i took those creative writing courses at the new school. i am sort of stymied at doing a resume, i don’t want a job, i’ve had too many of those. all i want out of this is a clean space to work.

so i needed to put together a cd of images and all the ones i selected are a few years old, lets dig through a HD and see what i can find, it’s always interesting.

indian female dancer

Parul Shah Dancer

these images are part of a commission work for the Parul Shah Dance company advertisement but are my outtakes. originally they had me shooting in a dance rehearsal studio way too small and ugly background, but ‘all we need are the images and we’ll photoshop the background out.’  OK

Parul Shah Dancers

but i think listening to me and doing these images in a more controled enviroment is better for the images, but hey what do i know

Parul Shah Dancers

these images are from  reshoot in my studio because my camera canon 20d at the time stopped working. it does that every once in a while oh well. so we did these the next day. but i can’t remember if they were happy with the other images or what but i got a couple for me.

female indian dancer

Parul Shah Dancer

odd that some people come through my life briefly and i never hear from them again while others keep in touch, life is that way.



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