Another Wendy Paton exhibit opened

at Joyce Towbin Chasan Art Source International Gallery at 333 Park Ave. So., NYC, NY 10010, 212 228 5908. This one is so different from the Visaes De Nuit exhibit at the Sous Les Etoiles Gallery of B&W almost abstract soft focus portraits.

in this exhibit Wendy concentrates on the city Paris, France where she has spend a lot of her time, showing us its wonderful Carousel from many different angles which brings back memories of anyone who’s visited Paris. Least we forget the prints of I.M.Pei’s the Louve Pyramid which brought memories of mary’s and my stay just three blocks away on our visit.

Included some of my favorites of those fascinating French hallways. I had only a passing remembrances of them from the french movies of the sixties but here Wendy has captured them in beautiful B&W prints . Anyone who has had an apartment in paris will remember what i am talking about. alas there are no pictures to show you because wendy never sent any over to me.

Joyce Towbin Chasan always has such a warm welcome feeling in her gallery. We first met her during Aneta Barto’s exhibit for  Emmanuel Fremin’s gallery who was showing at Joyce’s space. i feel comfortable as if i am in my own living room at her space. mary and i both love talking with her.  she seems to be one of those few people who have an open heart and generous nature at least easy to talk to.

also talked with Tracey Henry of  Type A Media who had some great suggestions for mary’s and mine Labor of love pic wedding and maternity business. so who knew or knows whom or what they will find once they venture out of their confines? one of the topics of conversations  Tracey and i had were about there being no difference between giving and receiving, they both are the same thing.

not a bad evening at all, i’d say a pretty good one.



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