Bellyqueen performance, 3/28/2010

last sunday 3/28/2010 i designed lighting for this concert and brought my camera along, hey you never know. besides designing the lights i did the projection screen and put up the red fabric to give the show some production value. the Kraine theater is a small black box with a running show in place. we couldn’t do much focusing so all i had a chance to do was re-gel some lighting, otherwise we would have had no warmth to our show.

bellyqueen performance kraine theater nyc

i also ran the lighting board during the show and took these pictures from the booth. Kaeshi Chai the artistic director of Bellyqueen had some people come in and tape the show which i haven’t seen yet. this whole production was a family affair like one of those showbiz movies from the 40’s.

yes i did mange to get some in focus pictures but i find these types more interesting.

Bellyqueen performance



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