new york is a crazy town, MOMA nude show & others

well seems the moma nude show is going well according to expectations but some of the guest are getting a bit frisky. see an article in the new york times about some of the repercussions of inappropriate actions or touches.

now one of my zen teaches explained why we have skin and didn’t  ooze out all over the place as we moved. our skin is there so we can touch the world. i understand personal privacy and don’t like the thought of just anyone touching me. but people get so upset when they bump into me or brush by them uttering an ‘excuse me’. to me it’s just one of these things. we touch the earth or people.

i also don’t like the idea of being touched or groped on the subway bus or what ever by any dirty old woman or more likely man so i wonder how these people are raised. there are times people and places i do like to be touched as i guess we all do.

on another story seems people are responding to another public art event

A sculpture of a human figure by artist Antony Gromley, is seen on display on a rooftop over looking the streets near madison park in New York. the realistic looking sculptures, which are part of the installation Event Horizons which will be on view through Aug 15, 2010, prompted the New York City police department to issue an advisory to mitigate worries that real people were on the edges of buildings.-EPA/Justin Lane

NEW YORK, NY (AP).- New York City police have responded to 10 calls in the past few weeks from residents concerned that life-size body casts gazing down from buildings are real people preparing to jump. The work by Antony Gormley consists of 31 life-size figures of the artist cast in iron and glass fiber. The sculptures were installed on pathways, sidewalks and rooftops of buildings surrounding Madison Square Park for an exhibit called Event Horizon that began March 26. The NYPD had alerted the public to the exhibit so they would know the figures were not residents in distress and ready to jump.

Police received a 911 call Wednesday at the Empire State Building, where one of the figures is located. A Yale University student had really jumped to his death from the building March 30.

Mayor Bloomberg was asked at a midtown press conference about the lifelike statues on building ledges – part of a public art exhibit called Event Horizon – that have triggered a rash of 911 calls from people reporting possible suicide jumpers.

The mayor denied the frequent 911 calls, saying there were only a “handful,” and said the solution wasn’t taking down the exhibit but, rather, publicizing it so people know what’s going on.

“If you give enough press, if your Arts section really writes a story about this, then people will know that it’s great art — including our Police Department,” Bloomberg said.

Then, pausing awkwardly, he recalled that he’d already done his part for the event’s publicity by attending the opening and gazing — just so — at one of Antony Gormley’s anatomically correct statues.

“My recollection is you did write — was it your newspaper or another one that had a picture of Madison Square Park when I was walking by one of the statues?”

The mayor then turned beet red and, as a room full of reporters and city officials burst out laughing, added: “I mean, I don’t know what we can do to get publicity. You can’t have it both ways.”

His press secretary, Stu Loeser, also a sporting a fine shade of crimson, then intervened.

“Last question,” he said.

Who said New Yorkers don’t respond to art?



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