todays experiment

well after having a bad family portrait day the other weekend i tried to arrange a session with another flaky no-show model, who didn’t show, due to illness and doctors advice, she didn’t know she was sick with a fever. where do they come from?

i had set up some strobes in my studio in anticipation for her session but shadow my only other model  doesn’t like to have her picture taken. but my honey came into the city to go to Photo Salon last night and volunteered to sit for me. i shot two cards and showed her how to use the Sekonic 508  light meter. i think we got some nice shots from the session.

female silhouette

female silhouette

this one below is a favorite from the first of the session. i don’t think anyone of us, i know i don’t have, the model feel, if there is such a thing.  it’s a pretty special talent to go through actions that emote a special feeling,  unless you’re part of and aware of the moment it’s pretty hard to appreciate but the picture says everything.

female nude

female nude

this one just captures the one i love, unadorned except for the heart i gave her for christmas and red lipstick.

female portrait with heart

portrait with heart

she has changed my life. honey said you get what you pay for even without a powerball payout i am rich.


3 Responses to “todays experiment”

  1. kseverny Says:

    they are nicely done.
    this lighting is very effective

  2. marywehrhahn Says:

    A little retouching and I could be on the cover of AARP.

    There’s a lot to being a natural model, I know because I’ve shot both. First feeling comfortable with yourself is key. Then there’s the photographer – and how he/she makes you feel as they move around you shooting freely.

    Jene made me feel at ease in front of the lens. I’ve been in front of the lens before – MINE but then I had total control over composition, subject and lighting and I knew what my goal was.

    This session started as a lighting test and I think Jene got some really nice images. (some that I like too! 😉

    Beauty doesn’t end at 20 something. It surfaces from inside and can be captured in the eyes of the beholder at any age and at the hands of skilled photographers.

    Thanks sweetheart for making me feel beautiful even when there’s no camera around.

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