when i first heard the news report of the Iranian cleric blaming scantily clad  woman  boobs of causing earthquakes i chuckled thinking that yes some of them have had a profound effect on me, sometimes my hands shook as i touched them or thought about touching them, but never the ground underneath me.

i remember my first earthquake happening when i, naked except for being covered with soap in the shower,  had to think fast as the ground beneath my bathtub began to shake and  remembering earthquake preparedness lessons as i grabbed a towel and stood in the bathroom doorway. after the first shock wave we, the family and i, ran out of the house into the drive way along with all our other neighbors. i still felt kind of silly in my towel.

earthquakes are pretty scary things but i’ve never felt that way looking eye to eye with a boob. but Ms. Jen McCreight, an American twentysomething student thought she’d do something to support science and make t shirts for Boobquake day.

yes virgina there is a boobquake facebook page showing ms mc creight in her earthquake outfit.

this though is not ms. mc creight but a lovely woman in the prime of her life. humans are beautiful i think it’s a crime to cover beauty with ignorance.


just my opinion




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