new york photo festival outtakes or maybe intakes

i am trying to select a series of photos to enter in the NYPF that closes 5/1/10 and i am finding it really hard maybe because of the amount of images 5 to 15 and what might at least win. win what ever? my work is somewhere between photography and……….. well i really don’t know. yet today i got a check from a gallery for one of my images selling. some people buy my work and i am always surprised.

the real fun about entering these contest is going through my hard drives looking for images and finding some like the ones below.

but i always knew about this since i have prints of this hanging on my wall, these were done 2008 so that was some time ago but the other images i had forgotten about. this image below is from a completely different session using the same red cloth but in a totally different way.

red cloth wrap

one is a dancer the other is not, but the cloth is still red silk. the reason i think these images work besides them being lovely young women in shadows is for the red silk. the one below i remember working on the cloth bring out the redness but i had forgotten about it.

female nude

letting go

it reminds me of a crane or stork.

a lovely image  the way the light reveals the female body yet keeps the mystery. this is one of the reason i left the manhattan figure study & lighting workshop. i need to work on my own discovering these moments. i also don’t like to share my work even though i do.

it’s like my personal relationship with mary, a journey, discovering new things along the way. that’s life

just my opinion



2 Responses to “new york photo festival outtakes or maybe intakes”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    It’s always hard to widdle down a selection when there are ssooooo many great images to choose from. And one never knows that will check the eye of a selection committee. I need to get busy submitting my images. Time is running out.

  2. how much should i weigh Says:

    lmao sweet stuff bro.

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