New York Photo Festival submission

well today, at midnight, is the deadline for submission to New York Photo Festival and i’ve been racking my brain, what little i have left, for images to submit as a series.

i am not crazy enough putting together a catalog & price list for my Burlington Vt show next week so late least night i said oh well just pick one strong image. who cares i never win these things anyways, just like the lottery which i’ve never won either. just the other day i asked a photographer if he’d look at my portfolio and make suggestions. short answer was he didn’t know me well enough to give me an honest answer. that was an honest answer, not the one i was looking for but honest, that’s why i approached him.

but none of this is either here or there and i am just as confused now as to how and where i might try and market my wares. but our conversation did lead me to saying that i didn’t need to sell my work but i would like to, send my children, as i think of them to good homes. making money to  pay for expenses isn’t  a bad idea either.

so i sent my little image somewhere in the world to have someone glance at it for maybe two seconds before they move on. i do make these things because i love to be creative and it keeps me from wondering what the soap characters are doing now.i get such a kick out of discovering, comes from my darkroom days, images as they develop or even appear on the screen.


female dancer

woman in white



4 Responses to “New York Photo Festival submission”

  1. scarletsculturegarden Says:

    It’s beautiful. Be proud, it probably took a lot to create an image like that – I certainly couldn’t do it!

  2. Desiree Says:

    wow, very amazing

  3. Heres a question, and every answer counts. What do you think most people are interested in on a website? | Says:

    […] New York Photo Festival submission « Fuzzypictures's Weblog […]

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