i am dancing as fast as i can

but don’t seem to be catching up. computer problems along with operator error, me. for some reason i decided to change cs4 photoshop to run using Rosetta on my 2.93 mac pro tower. bad mistake as rosetta is buggy and crashes a lot.

i had to search abobe forums for this answer the only way to fix it is to delete the file in user>libary> preferences folder >called com.adobe.photoshop.plist then clear all caches & reboot. i used onyx for that but agin check off something i should have so i only caused more problems.

after reboot then go to photoshop not the folder but the application, my first mistake,and click on >file info. then one can uncheck run using Rosetta and solve all you cs4 photoshop problems.

sometimes well most of the times i have a little bit of knowledge i get into big trouble. it took me day to fix this problem, staying up until 3:30 am last night working on it. did the last step this morning by running disk warrior to rebuild my directories. i used apple disk utility to reset permissions before running disk warrior.

i also use defrag to clean  unused space on my hard drives.

so i think i am up and running now. all of these programs are a part of my arsenal to keep my computer running. i am no propeller head but over the years had to learn how to keep things running.  i hope some of this information is helpful.



One Response to “i am dancing as fast as i can”

  1. marywehrhahn Says:

    Me, I try not to tamper with my computer at all. When it asks me a question, my answer is “nevermind”, I hit cancel and pray I didn’t F anything up.

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