memories of Vermont trip and a birthday party

so this memorial day as we prepare for another trip to vermont and i ordered more prints from adoroma i thought i’d share some of them with you my readers. memorial weekend is alway busy around here as it’s also marys birthday and we had a very nice party with family and friends. the weather cooperated and gave us nice overcast day. lots of laughs and a few childhood stories. the kids and i drew a birthday card on the driveway which pleased mary,

driveway birthday card

driveway birthday card

birthday girl


with a smile like that you can see why i keep coming around it’s electric, and  toast to many more years of happiness

toast to life

toast to life

but here are the vermont pictures.

lake champlain ferry

lake champlain ferry

we arrived in burlington mid-afternoon found the gallery then our motel so by the time we got the lay of the town looking for a place to have dinner it got a bit late in the day. over the years burlington has undergone renovation of the lake front from commercial factories to a wonderful human park and walkways.

lake champlain sunset

lake champlain sunset

a very nice cap to a long days drive. we ate in a crepe house over looking this scene. but i am not one to just find these picture perfect moments and be satisfied but i did find this image of this sunset shadows reflections on one of the boats tied along the pier.

sunset shadows


next day we traveled down to middlebury to look for dead relatives and we found this tree along the road. quite impressive.

storm tree


so this is the inspiration that keeps me thinking i might be able to share some of my awesome experiences with you on this beautiful planet.



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    Hey, awesome site! Keep it up! I will be difinatley be coming back in the near future =)

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