new female nudes

just fooling around the other day with a new aspiring female model that another photographer had booked for this shoot  inviting me along to share expenses . dave and i have worked together in the past on projects but i had never worked in his studio before. i have a way of taking over a shoot if it’s just left to my devices and dave has no problem letting me do whatever it is that i do.

female headshot

having fun

i try and shoot using one light while dave uses 3 or 4 lights, hey we are all different and there is no one right way of working. but i think for these shots i need to have a backlight for separation. but because of the low ceiling height and the size of dave’s strobes hanging one would not work, so i a though this morning about making a 45 degree reflector for my white lightnings. it should be simple enough, ding! where have i heard that noise before? was i when i bought the xr7 which still isn’t on the road yet?

female nude


this is where i get bored just popping off photos , how many naked women remain interesting to just look at. i am sure it’s different for everybody but i have a woman at home that i am particular about. so here i used a cloth with large weave to project this pattern.

female nude

standing naked

so as i kept tripping over her boots i asked her to put them on, at least i’d know where they were. then adding a chair always looking for interesting patterns.

boots 1

nude female

boots 2

then i got bored again as dave continued to shoot and dug around for a new location in the studio picked this one as a homage to helmut newton at least i like to think so.

female nude

nude leaning

while this image is far from perfect, way too much spill on the background, i had nothing to control the spill with, oh well lets shoot and see what happens. time is money. i guess when i find another interesting model i’ll revisit this location.

so i really don’t have much time to update my web site nor do i want to because i am not really fond of it. i post my new stuff here.



One Response to “new female nudes”

  1. Mary Wehrhahn Says:

    It’s amazing what you do with a simple light…. but then again, I’m your biggest fan.

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