ink cart blunders or how i learned to dislike suppliers

yesterday i wasted an hour going down to B&H photo after looking on their web site for an ink cart i needed to get my wide format printer working again. the item, light magenta ink cart was listed as in stock and it being a nice day i could use a walk, so off i was.

one of the problems of B&H web site is an item is listed as in stock when it is in fact in the brooklyn warehouse not in the store. ‘no it’s not here but we could send it to you’ the salesperson said etc, but i wanted to finish my days work then.

i did run into a friend who was looking to buy a canon camera, but not a pro model or what ever they call the 5d which has been quite a disappointment to me video wise. more on that in another rant.

so not to be deterred from my daily task of finding an ink cart i called Adorama from in front of B&H and since i have a print order to pick up from them why not extend the walk, i can always use the exercise. well my call  goes through all right and i am  forwarded to whom ever could help me only to have the phone ring and ring until an answering machine picked up asking for me to leave a message.

any message i had to leave then didn’t seem appropriate nor very civil so i said nothing. just hung up. today i’ve got to go downtown and i’ll check K&M photo to see if they carry the cart. but isn’t the first thing one learns in business is to how to answer the telephone. i know it’s so analog and out dated in this android & iphone world, but it does generate sales. just ask me as people do call me to book sessions.

i guess i am just an old guy, what future is that?



3 Responses to “ink cart blunders or how i learned to dislike suppliers”

  1. Henry Posner Says:

    Thank you for visiting our store and for this feedback. We regret your inconvenience and disappointment. Right now our online inventory system does not distinguish Manhattan and Brooklyn inventories. We are working on a site update which will incorporate this important information and plan to have it online during 2010. In the meantime, as you noted, if a customer is in our store and the item he or she wishes to purchase is only in our Brooklyn warehouse, we will ship the item with no s&h fee to any address in the “lower-48” states.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  2. fuzzypictures Says:

    yes henry you guys have been working on this for years it still hasn’t happened. well maybe your salesman should have been smart enough to offer this service instead of doing nothing.

  3. Helen Oster Says:

    Hi Jene

    It sounds like it was a very frustrating day, and in your position I’m sure that I would be feeling irritated and disappointed.

    At this point all I can do is apologize – however, I would very much like to investigate this matter further.

    Could you please email me, and let me know which number you called, and the time of your call? At the moment I’m wondering whether maybe the queue and call routing system is at fault here.

    Again my apologies, and I do look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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