Adobe Portrait Commissions Available

here is something i came across the other day that might be of interest to some of you. i know nothing more about it than what is written here. good luck

Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:28 am (PDT)

Adobe Portrait Commissions Available
If you are interested in doing a series of portrait posters in any 20/21st
century art style or media preferably the one of the Pop Art Portrait Styles
or anything that can be produced by Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator ,
Coreldraw, Paintshop Pro or a similar software package, please contact me to
receive more information and a few dozen examples of the submissions we have
received .

Examples of Pop Art Portrait Styles com/images? um=1&hl=en& client=gmail& rls=gm&tbs= isch:1&sa= 1&q=Pop+Art+ Portraits& aq=f&aqi= g1g-m1&aql= &oq=&gs_rfai=<http://www.linkedin .com/redirect? url=http% 3A%2F%2Fwww% 2Egoogle% 2Ecom%2Fimages% 3Fum%3D1% 26hl%3Den% 26client% 3Dgmail%26rls% 3Dgm%26tbs% 3Disch%3A1% 26sa%3D1% 26q%3DPop% 2BArt%2BPortrait s%26aq%3Df% 26aqi%3Dg1g- m1%26aql% 3D%26oq%3D% 26gs_rfai% 3D&urlhash= 97uU>

Clearly the Andy Warhol style is preferred and the most easy to use, but
other unique styles are also of interest including caricatures. This project
has now been running for 9 years and over 70% of the posters that have sold
very well are variations of the Warhol Art Style.

Graphic, charcoal, crayon, pastels, pencil and ink portraits are also of
interest. As are acrylic and oil portraits but the end product is posters.
Original art may be bought for Israeli Art Museums but this is secondary to
the primary objective of turning a portrait into a poster…The print run
for the Icon series is 8,000 with commission of $1.00 per copy per digitally
signed copies which will then be numbered and embossed by hand and $2.50 for
copies signed by the artist. Up to 1000 copies will be signed by hand by the
artist in London. (at our expense entirely) All printing in London is
audited by a Big Four Auditor ( E & Y) . Payment in full and immediate is
made when the print run is completed and the hand signing of the posters is
completed. We expect at least 16 different posters from each artist in more
or less the same style and background themes..

If your style of art is original and you are interested in trying the
portrait in it. I would be more than happy to consider your portrait style
for current and future commissions.

The 4 Icon Series are
1. Jewish and Zionist Icons ( the main series) anyone who has appeared on an
Israeli Stamp
http://www-personal ~szwetch/ Stamps.of. Israel/<http://www.linkedin .com/redirect? url=http% 3A%2F%2Fwww- personal% 2Eumich%2Eedu% 2F%7Eszwetch% 2FStamps% 2Eof%2EIsrael% 2F&urlhash= GXZy>
( click on the stamp and it will enlarge)
2. Icons of the 20th Century ( 100 Time Magazine Icons)
3. Thinkers of the 20th Century ( again as listed by Time Magazine)
4. Supplementary List ( Open to Suggestions)

If you are interested in more information and couple of dozen examples of
submissions we have received over the last 8 years that have been turned
into posters , please send me an email to my gmail address.
Roger Golden .

Dr Roger Golden
Golden Art Group
New York / Jerusalem/ London

Address for drop shipments and correspondence is
Dr Roger Golden
Golden art Group
Yefet Street 199/9
Tel Aviv 68061

The Golden Group have been International Interior Decorators since 1912.

The Golden Group is an active buyer of art ,particularly pieces that can be
hung that says “Have a Good Day”. For more details please ask for them. We
accept unsolicited consignment which we deal with within 4 days. Please
ensure that your parcels are described as “Media consignment ” and its value
is recorded as “nominal”. We are very active buyers of reasonably priced
art ( below $1000 a piece) for the Interior Decorating Business. We weekly
receive 8 to 12 consignments and buy over 85%. We only buy art that we
physically see, Over the last decade we have found digital images to be
extremely unreliable..



One Response to “Adobe Portrait Commissions Available”

  1. Roger Golden Says:

    Adobe Portrait Commissions Available
    June 23, 2010

    This offer is no longer available. We have more than sufficient Photoshop and related Programs Artists working for us now. We have also changed the terms .

    It would be great and very convenient if the owner of this Blog deleted the entry of June 23, 2010. Since the latest versions of Photoshop virtually require no expertise to produce what we are after, we frequently still receive replies to your posting of June 23, 2010 accompanied by examples of the artist’s work and it puts us in a difficult position if one or more of the images we receive are similar to those we are already printing. Almost every unsolicited image we receive is however low definition examples and cannot be used for printing.

    The offer of Adobe Photoshop Commissions is now closed.

    Roger Golden

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