just to keep things interesting; a female nude

female nude from a session a while ago.

female nude

female nude

interesting landscape of hills and valleys one could almost imaging skiing across this terrain if covered in snow. but then again the human body is always interesting coming or going.

female nude

more hills and valley's

in both of these images i had to retouch her body. the top image she had shaving bumps in the folds of her raised leg and some other stuff going on but this was the simpler of the two images. the bottom i had to remove panty lines from her rear and legs and touch up stretch marks on her breast, seems even young women get them. all bodies have some imperfections bumps, pimples or discolored areas. no big deal but that’s the price i pay for being a small operation. so much goes into just taking a picture and showing them.

advice to young female models: take care of yourself, cream your skin, it’s your best asset.

oh well



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